HRIS has become a main interest for all the different worldwide business entities as most organizations that used to depend on manual methods in managing human resources have found it hard today to use them due to the great wastes they cause in time, effort and money so they turned to use HRIS in order to cope with the continuous technologies and to gain the benefits from such new modernized systems that can raise the effectiveness of work and lead to more accurate work. HRIS are complex systems that need experts and well trained employees to deal with them otherwise they will represent a challenge the company will face and perhaps employees resist such change and this will lead to a great failure and loss. This makes it urgent to consider the change management processes before applying such a technology in the organization and this means to prepare a change strategic plan and then to test the plan before applying the change. HRIS are important because they can use in all the different HR practices and activities such as advertising for new jobs as this will be easy using online websites for job advertising such as or Linked in or others which will make many things easy such as reaching to a very wide scale of candidates, saving money of newspaper advertisements and being able to update and change the advertisement easily. Then the interviewing process will be easy as many companies today use online interviews via Skype in order to meet candidates and test them which also will save money, effort and time and after that comes the selection process that can be made via special analysis programs that work on a very high technology to choose the best candidates based on their marks in the interviews and their qualifications. This shows how far recruitment becomes easy with HRIS but it is not only recruitment that HRIS can deal with and facilitate.
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