Urgently required for a leading Cement Company located in Saudi Arabia

*Nationality: Egyptian
*Job description:
Position Name: Quarry and Quality Manager

Function / Department: Plant Department/Quarry and Quality
*Job Requirements:*
Educational: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or equivalent.
Experience: Minimum 10 years of experience of which the last 4 years should be in a similar capacity.
*Position Main Objective:
Oversees all operations for the processing and implementation of bombings and cracking stones for production, and ensures the maintenance of machinery and quarries equipment and crushers.
*Duties and Responsibilities,(General):
Keeps up-to-date with relevant government legislation and industry developments Formulates and maintains quality management objectives and aligns objectives with operations policies and procedures. Develops adequate policies, procedures and processes to maintain efficient operational excellence in order to achieve the HCC’s strategic objectives Ensures proper maintenance of records and correspondence relative to the Quality Department’s work Manages and regulates the quarry's budget. Ensures continuing efforts towards optimization and improvement of quarry production, maintenance and safety practices Maintains good working relationships with all operating departments to ensure raw material needs are met. Writes development quarry proposals and reports
Determines scientific or technical goals within broad outlines provided by top management and makes detailed plans to accomplish these goals. Prepares quarries operating plan to provide raw materials needed for the factory. Develops and manages mining plans to provide quality limestone while optimizing the use of limestone reserves for short and long term operating periods. Develops maintenance programs for equipment quarries and belt conveyors with stones; examines the causes of malfunctions and suggests appropriate solutions. *Quarry:
Oversees all operations for the processing and implementation of bombings and cracking stones for production
Oversees the preparation for drilling operations, stone work, necessary holes and openings
Oversees the preparation of explosives and proper placement for bombing to break stones, taking into account the actions necessary for the security of personnel and equipment
Oversees the collection and transfer of rock to the crusher unit after breaking stones
Takes necessary measures to inform the security authorities of blasting operations and keeps records of these operations.
Ensures the cracking of raw materials as required by the time work programs
Works to take the necessary measures to ensure
The regularity of the quarries according to prescribed formulas that provide continuing production operations in accordance with set plans.
Directs any production constraints affecting the regularity of work to take the necessary timely actions
*Quality and Testing:
Prepares test plans for quality control of manufactured products. Develops written procedures for quality control Analyzes test results and initiates necessary actions to fix errors. Prepares the HCC’s quality control reports, supervises all amendments and revisions, and manages the distribution of all the HCC’s quality documentation. Verifies quality- related plant activities are in accordance with the applicable codes and standards. Ensures that the HCC’s projects are designed, and built in accordance with the HCC’s quality management system’s requirements Directs workers engaged in inspection and testing activities to ensure continuous control over materials, facilities, and products *Performance Measurements:
Installs Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure the shifts performance Manages the KPI paying particular attention to trends and searching for improvement opportunities Provides timely and useful reports to plant management to spot both positive and negative trends Provides weekly technical report to the plant manager on daily "process targets parameter" follow-up Provides monthly technical report to the plant manager *Logistic:
Ensures the products are dispatched and loaded according to the transport means. Checks the expeditions in terms of quality and quantity and ensures their record in the accountancy system. *Safety, health and environment:
Ensures communicating the safety rules and regulation to all his staff with an emphasis on safety as a first priority
Ensures that all employees wear Personal Protective equipment’s (PPE).
Responsible to protect environment and minimize air, water and solid waste pollution to environment
Ensures that all requests to perform unsafe work practices that may result in damage to machinery, people are declined
Appraises the performance of personnel reporting directly to him Recommends all promotions, salary increments and changes in entitlements for staff reporting directly to him Plans and identifies appropriate and required training needs of quarry personnel for individual development
*Reporting and Communications:
Periodically reports to Plant Manager about issues/concerns related to the development
and implementation of the HCC’s Quality Management System and/or quality control aspects in the HCC’s projects.
Initiates and authorizes any activity allowed under the HCC's Authority Matrix.
Performs other duties and takes responsibilities as assigned by Plant Manager.
*Key Performance Indicators:
Achievement/delivery of agreed levels of quarry and quality services in accordance with departmental and divisional annual budgets and manpower plans Effective reduction of quarry cost. Effective reduction of quarry cost. Accuracy of prepared test plans for quality control of manufactured products. Accurate and timely submission of periodic quarry and quality related reports. *Skills and Competencies:
Good knowledge of the cement industry. High analytical and statistical capabilities High capability to analyze problems and make decisions Highly skilled communication, negotiation and persuasion Good English language skills. Good skills in dealing with others.
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