?What is meant by human resources?
One important asset of any company or business is its human resources which is a term used to refer to the company's employees of all areas and from all levels, it means those people who work in a company and must be a strong resource for its profits, earnings, competitive advantage, high ranked levels of success and good reputation.
How to invest in human resources?
Investing in human resources is a very essential matter for any business that seeks success and have its own inspirations for coping with the biggest companies in the market, this means to look forward to having extra gained points and extra profits by working on promoting the human resources of the company and making them feel job satisfied, investing in human resources involving providing the company's employees with the salaries they deserve, motivation tools, job upgrading opportunities, training programs, any information required for improving their job performance and all comfortable luxuries such as food, drinks, suitable places to work in, breaks, plane tickets, vacancies, weekends, promotions and awards when doing special jobs in addition to providing them with chances to discuss their opinions regarding the work, listen to their suggestions, respect them and encouraging them to be creative by making work competitions. This leads the employees feel belonging to the company which reduces human resources turnovers and make the human resources a main part of the business as they get some of the extra profits they bring to the business. By doing this, the business is spending extra expenses on its human resources but at the same time the http://reportsandresearchpapers.blog...an.htmlprofits are rapidly increasing.h