Eman Maher Ibrahim Abdullah

E-mail Address: [مشاهدة الروابط متاحة فقط لأعضاء المنتدى .. ]

While I am able to independently conceptualise, develop and execute concepts and ideas, I am most comfortable working as a leader or an active part of a successful work team. Self-motivated and innovative individual with excellent leadership skills and a good team player. I enjoy working with a wide range of people and get along with a range of personalities. With these thriving personalities, I wish to contribute positively towards the growth of your company/firm and the development and enhancement of my personal ambitions.

• Having a good evaluated Bachelor Degree of Science, specialized in Chemistry-Geology (Double Course) from Cairo University, graduated in 2002.
• Having a Pre-Master Degree Petroleum and Hydrology Science- Cairo University 2003-2004, and studying nowadays for the Master Degree in Hydrogeology at Zaqaziq University, Egypt (Msc. Candidate, starting 2010).
• Associated Member in national and international academic and scientific associations such as AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists), AEAFRA (Egyptian Arabian for Future Researches Association), and EGA (Egyptian Geological Association).
• Attending various specialized conferences and meetings relating to Hydrology and Geology.
• Working on local and regional academic projects in Egypt concerning Hydrology and Geology.
• Having an excellent experience in Computer and Internet Access.
• Languages: Arabic, English, French and German.


Duration: 2005 – Update.
Address: Cairo, Egypt.
Job Title: Senior Hydrologist
Work Responsibilities & Duties:
• Preparing the academic researches and studies concerning the geological and hydrological nature of the work sites and indicate the best locations for groundwater production with estimation of the best design, protection, isolation and production rate for wise use and also water's quality and usage.
• Attending, as the company's representative, several scientific conferences and events.
• Following up all scientific matters relating to Hydrology and Geology in the company.


• Shanash Group for Industry, Trading and Investment; Egypt, Executive Marketing ( two years).
• Pan Arab Company for Scientific Consultancy; Egypt, Marketing ( one year).
• Alawy Company for Drilling Services; Egypt, (Trainee during Summer University Training Time).
• Remote Sensing Center; Egypt, (Trainee during Summer University Training Time).
• Egyptian Survey Authority for Geological Survey and Mining; Egypt, (Trainee during Summer University Training Time).
• SOCO for Oil Exploration; Egypt, (Trainee during Summer University Training Time).
• Having a good evaluated Bachelor Degree of Sciences, specialized in Chemistry-Geology (Double Course) from Faculty of Sciences, Cairo University, graduated in May of the year 2002.
• Having a Pre-Master Degree in Petroleum and Hydrology Science, Geology Department, Faculty of Sciences, Cairo University (2004).
• Studying nowadays for the Master Degree in Hydrogeology at Zaqaziq University, Egypt. My topic for this Master Degree studying is "Global Climatic Changes and its Impacts on Groundwater's Quality in Northern Part of Nile Delta; Mitigation, Vulnerability, Prediction (using many suitable modeling soft wares and GIS techniques) and Adaptation" Expecting date for degree (2010).

• Associated Member in AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists) since 1996. I was the President of AAPG-Student Chapter in Cairo University for 2002-2004 and I established this student chapter with other 35 members and we were more members later on. During my precedence time we established a magazine deals with geology in general and petroleum science in special.
• Associated Member in AEAFRA (Egyptian Arabian for Future Researches Association).
• Member in Egyptian Geological Association.
• Member in Egyptian Geographic Association
• Looking nowadays for getting the membership of Habi Foundation Centre for Environmental Study and Human Rights.

• International Conference for Global Climatic Changes and their Impacts on Deltas (as an organizer and shared with a scientific paper); Alexandria, Egypt, 2007.
• DFG Project, German–Egyptian Scientific Collaboration; Environmental Assessment and Control of Impacts of Areas are affected by Dynamic System of Nile Delta (2006-2008).
• NARSS Project, Hydrodynamic system in Nile Delta and their Impacts on groundwater quality (2006-2007).
• EAFRA Workshop, which concerns of water resources in Egypt with expectation view for the coming years' economical and social effect because of water resources scarcity (2007–2008).
• Surface water/Groundwater potentialities of Sinai Peninsula: Determining Parameters of Sustainability Using Remote Sensing & GIS Techniques (2008-2009).
• East Owinat Development project - Ministry of Agriculture and NARSS, Egypt.
• The Studying of Nubian Sandstone Aquifer Structure and their Effect on the Hydrodynamic System of the Groundwater Potentiality, East Owinat and Darb El Arbaein Investment Strategy, (2007-2008).
• Egyptian-Italian Academic Collaboration Program (2007- 2008).
• Water Resources and Management, Wadi El Natrun and Wadi El Farigh, World Bank, (2008)
• Egyptian-Italian Academic Collaboration Program (current).
• FP7 Program in Global Induced Climatic Changes on Mediterranean, South of Europe and their Neighbouring African countries (current)
• FP7 – Africa Call, Early Forecasting of the Global Warming and its Vulnerability (current)
• FP7 – Africa Call, Rain water harvesting technologies in Africa (current)
• ENPI Project, Water Resources Management and Water Risks (current).
PRINCIPLE BUSINESS: (Full Time Geoscientist)
Depending on my scientific background and the career I work in, I have good opportunity to be involved in many huge investing projects indoor/outdoor Egypt:
• Hydrological and technical study for most promising areas in Egypt; Wadi Natrun, Wadi El Farigh, El Alamein, Alexandria, Matruh, Port Said, Isamilya, Nile Delta Governorates, Fayoum, Beni Sueif, Minya, Desert Belt, Wadi El Assuiti, Qena, Marsa Alam, Sinai, South Valley, East Owinat, Wahat, Darb El Arbaein, and Luxor.
• Hydrological and technical study for most promising areas out of Egypt; Sudan (current), Ethiopia (current), Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan, as office back up and management.
• Companies. For account and not limited to: CocaCola Factories, PePsi Factory- Assuit, Arab Contractors, Dasani, Danon, Americana, Europian Village, Garana, Al Ahram, El Baker, El Laggon, Porto Sukhna, Salam Concord, Hilton Sharkas Bay, South Sinai Water Co., Gypsena, Baraka, Golden Drop, Sukari Mining (Phaoros Co. ), Delta Aromatics, Jenaan, Al Fardous, Agruluxor,….etc.
SECONDARY BUSINESS: (Part Time Translator, Data Searcher and Researching Assistance)
Researcher Assistance and Data Searcher, since 2005 :
Depending on my scientific background, post graduation study experiences, career, in additions to great opportunities to share in many international and local scientific projects as a co-member and junior researcher, I started this secondary business as a private manner beside my principle work as a geoscientist. I have experience since 2002 in data collecting, Thesis evaluating, references translating, and academic researching.

Translations (English >< Arabic), since 2008 :
Depending on my qualifications in English, I started my secondary business as a translator (via net only) as a professional private business since April, 2008 in the following fields in purpose for account and not limited to; Scientific, Engineering, Tourism, Hotels, History, News, Advertises, Contracts, Tenders, Catalogues, Marketing, and business.
1. Arabic: Mother-tongue language.
2. English: Excellent (Writing, Oral and Reading), International TEOFL with level A+ level (611/676).
3. German: Have been studied in the high school and for two years during the university studying.
• Having the International Driving License (ICDL).
• An excellent practical experience with Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP, MS Servers and Office Applications (WinWord, Excel, Power Point, Primavera, AutoCAD, MODFLOW, GWW), and currently (GMS, Arc GIS, Maps Info.).
• Very well known dealing with Internet Access.

• Creative thinking, negotiation and stress management skills.
• Ability to think logically and analytically.
• Motivated, competent, and leadership.
• Problem-solving and decision-making.
• Ability to work independently and be an active part of a work team.
• Practical Open-minded and Flexible
• Ability for continuous Learning and Achieving
• Ability for Intensive Load Work
• Ability for Travelling (Short Periods)