Business Planning Budgeting And Cost Control Turkey –Istanbul
3/12/2015 -29/11


- Definition of the participants of the importance of planning budgets and its impact on management decisions.
- To provide the participants the skill to prepare budgets and planning how to achieve the desired goals.
- Developing the skills of the participants in the practical application and the actual scientific principles in the control of the implementation of the
Planning budgets.
- To provide the participants skills in writing reports on the level of implementation of various budgets.

Budget planning
- Definition.
- Objectives.
- Principles.
- Types.
- Preparation.
• Types of budgets.
- the indirect manufacturing costs budget.
- the administrative and selling expenses budget .
- the cash budget.
- receipts budget.
- Payments of cash budget .
- income budget.
- financial position budget.
- cash flows budget.
- short-term and long-term budget.
- sales budget.
- production budget.
- Methods for assessing capital projects:
* Net present value.
* Index of profitability.
* Internal rate of return.
* Recovery period.
* Revenue accounting.
• practical situations in the preparation of budget planning.

Financial and accountants, working in the banking sector, working in the financial markets, auditors and students
Administrative Sciences, financial and banking.

Program length:

5 days of training.

Training aids:

Visualization, the slides, discussions, practical cases and training, study cases
Place& Cost : 4 Star Hotel – Takseem .Cost : 1650 US Dollar .Registration :Dr.Mohammad 00962797174949