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Oil & Gas Storage, Shipping and Utilization
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And there are also another courses of the Oil and Gas :
1. Oil & Gas Storage, Shipping and Utilization
2. Oil and Gas industry Waste Disposal
3. Oil Refinery LP Modelling and Economics
4. Oil Refinery Product Treatment
5. OJT in Crude Oil & Product Storage and Transportation Unit
6. OJT in Refinery Utilities Unit
8. OJT on catalytic reforming technology Training Outlines
9. Overview of Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals
10. Petroleum Crude and Products Storage Systems
11. petroleum oil and gases wastes and disposal
12. Petroleum Products & Refining Processes for Operation
13. petroleum refinery for technical persons
14. petroleum refinery wastes and disposal
15. Piping and Pipelines network design
16. Planned Shutdown and Critical Activities, Isolation, Startup & Commissioning
17. Positive displacement pump technology
18. Pressure Relief Systems and Flare systems, Operation, Design, Startup, Troubleshooting and Shutdown
19. Process Calculations & Simulation by HYSIS
20. Process calculations basic
it will hold in many countries
Turkey - Malaysia - Cairo - Dubai - Kuwait - Jordan - Qatar – London - Saudi Arabia
-Cairo – Alexandria – Morocco - Sharm El-Shaikh -– Indonesia – Vienna – Paris

And there are also courses in these fields:
Management and personal development / human resources / public relations and media / marketing, and sales courses / purchases and warehouses and logistics / financial and accounting courses / legal courses / quality courses and production / safety and occupational health courses / information and IT courses / secretarial