Building & Working Team

cairo 12-16 December 2010

Workshop Objectives
± Define what is teamwork
± List five (5) characteristics of an effective team
± Discuss the benefits of teamwork
± Describe the stages of the Team Development Cycle
± Increase your team leadership skills
± Become more focused and productive
± Demonstrate fun at work is needed

Workshop Content
What is Team Building and why do it
· Describe Team Work
· Benefits of Team Work
· Roadblocks of Team Building
· The Five Stages of Team Building
· Module Wrap Up - Class Exercise

What is the Difference between Groups and Teams
· Group Characteristics
· Team Characteristics

The Team Leader
· Team Leadership Roles
· Recognizing Team Leader Competencies
· Effective Characteristics of a Facilitator
· Attitudes of an Effective Team Builder
· When Does a Facilitator Need to Intervene

Top 10 of Team Building
· Ten Steps and Their Purpose
· Matching Up Top Ten with Five Stages of Team Building

How to Plan To Build Your Team
· Essential Guidelines Before Team Building
· Steps To Take at the Team Building Session
· Scheduling Time
· Important Factors in the Team Building Process
· Specific Techniques for Involving Team Members
· Attributes of a Productive Team

How to Communicate Effectively
· Explain How To Communicate Clearly
· Types of Communications in Team Settings Today
· Review Your Own Communication Skills
· Five Traits of a Good Listener
· Communicating With Colour

Building Relationships
· Good Interpersonal Skills

Putting All the Pieces Together
· Study or Department Group Exercise

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