Scope of Assignment:
Phase 1
¨ Provide leadership in curriculum development and adapting coursework for specific audiences;
¨ Ensure all courses meet high quality standards and are industry relevant
¨ Provide external interface with the academic partners
¨ Participate in the development plan for and hiring of trainers; mentoring them and providing regular evaluation;
¨ Supervision of International Language Trainers and teacher trainers
¨ Actively mentor and develop the professionalism and business-oriented approach of all staff;
¨ Capacity building of Egyptian understudies at the centre
¨ Work with other professionals in conducting impact studies and writing concept papers
¨ Participate in management and undertake such duties as assigned by the Programme Manager
¨ Developing customized courses.
¨ Responsible for requisitioning of educational and training resources.

- Graduate degree in education or a related field.
- Experience in continuing education and training services.
- Being independent, responsible, organized, detail oriented, and a multi-tasker are assets.
- proven experience in planning and evaluating, programme development, project management, and curriculum development;
- Being knowledgeable of the latest trends in the training industry, especially those related to language, IT and Accounting/Finance training.
- Strong interpersonal and communication skills
- Fluency in English and is required.
- Knowledge of Arabic is an asset.
- work will be in Aswan

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