Diploma in office management and secretarial modern office directors

16-20 July in Dubai

Program Objectives

- To provide the participants with the basic theory on the management offices and the general framework of the administrative functions and assist the relevant director of the office.
- Provide the participants with management skills and behavior necessary for the exercise of office management from different aspects that can be applied to assist the Director in facilitating its work and facilitate the decision-making.
- Raise the level of intellectual and practical participants both through their interaction with each other and share their experiences and share their experiences on the one hand, and their interaction with the lecturer on the other hand so as to enable them to identify the problems they face in their work and ways of solving them.
- To familiarize participants with the latest equipment and mechanization in the field offices through various models of the relationship.
Workers in the areas of office management directors, managers, secretaries and executives working in banks, companies and public and private institutions.
Program Content:
- Site management offices in the process .
- Preview Group and director of the office functions and the elements on which provides its services within and outside the organization .
- Analysis of types of office managers and how to deal with each type .

- Review of the concept and purpose of the office and functions of the heart as in business .

- Prepare job descriptions for the Director of the Office of the participants and by groups posts .

- Learn the skill of management skill and deletion remember the future, and the skill of the preparation of an index of documents and files and set up an organizational structure for the Office .
- How to Prepare for successful meetings and time management .
- The commandments to earn your boss on your side .
- How to prepare the report of a talk page, and practical application to prepare a report on the activities of the session .
- Use of computers in modern offices including the International Network for Information.
- Behavioral skills for office managers
Training Methods:
- Short lecture.
- Debate and dialogue.
- Work in groups

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