Professional Certificate new Strategies for Banks WALDENBURG INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE

Professional Certificate new Strategies for Banks WALDENBURGINTERNATIONAL COLLEGE

The Program me isdesigned for high-ranking bank executives who are challenged by the rapidtransformation of the banking industry – deregulation, worldwide integration, new competitors and financial and technological innovations. This seminar willhelp the participants to choose which strategy their bank should select, and howto protect national economic and financial systems during the presentcrisis.
Thestudy program me includes the following subjects:
Part I: International Banking:
The Capital Marketand the World Economy in times of Global Financial Crisis
Finance ofInternational Trade in times of Global Crisis– Encouraging Export
EmergingMarkets- Threats and Opportunities
Part II: Mutual Relationship between the Government and Banks:
Fiscaland Monetary Policies- the role of the government and banks in handlingfinancial crisis
The effect of a Bank’s Policy on a Local Market
FullEmployment Policy
Protection of Private Savings
National Security Policydealing with the unemployment threat
PartIII: Banking Strategies:
Bank of Israel Policy – StanleyFisher's Way of Protecting the Banking System
The Stock Exchange and itsConservative Measures
Part IV: RiskManagement:
Risk Analysis and Management in Banking:
Interest Risks
Foreign Currency Risks
BASEL II Approach and itsImpact on Risk Management
Credit Risk Measurement during FinancialRecession
Credit Scoring for Private Borrowers during FinancialRecession
The Value at Risk (VAR) Model
Financial Ratios andLeverage
Operational Risks:
Technological Risks
Legal Risks
Fraudsand Human Risks
Risk Adjusted Rate of Return on Capital (RAROC)
Part V: Sophisticated FinancialTools:
Sophisticated Financial Tools after the fall of the CDOsand ARSs
Part VI: Micro and RuralFinance:
Microfinance: The Promise and Limitations
RuralFinance: How will the poor deal with the Crisis?
Part VII: Management Skills:
Time Management, ConflictResolution and Leadership and Synergetic Decision Making
Human Resources: Management and Development
Financial Innovations in International Banking
NOTE:The above curriculum outline is intended asa guide only. The sequence of course offerings is subject to change at thediscretion of the administration.