Safwat Dawoud
Address: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Email Address:
Mobile Phone Number: 050 8074778

Seeking an opportunity in the field of my profession and skills and where my background, presentation and interpersonal skills may be applied and further developed.

Personal Information
Birth Date:10 February 1980
Marital status : Married
Residence Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Driving License:United Arab Emirates

Professional Experience
August 2010 – to April 2011
Training & Development Manager
Emirates Consulting& Media Services
Director of PRCA Training courses in Arabian Gulf countries
Foundation for the training activities as a new project for ECMS
organizing and managing the various training programs
Evaluating the success of both individual training and the overall program
Ensuring that statutory training requirements are met;
Planning the training title.
Making new partnerships with international training companies
Make training plan monthly, quarterly.
Amending and revising programs as necessary, in order to adapt to the changes that occur in the work environment

August 2008 – April 2010
Training Manager
Turjuman Media Consultancy Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The general coordinator for The first Arabic Forum for Best practices in public relations & Corporate communication
Job Role/ Will develop, coordinate, and implement policies, procedures, and programs encompassing all aspects of training, training management and training development. Responsible for preparing the annual training plan, preparing and overseeing the preparation of training courses. Provide new training programs commensurate with the labour market Communicate with the trainers

January 2007 - August 2008:
Training officer
Arabian Gulf Centre Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The general coordinator for media training courses for Al jazeera media training center ( Aljazeera Network ) in U.A.E
Job Role/ Liaison and coordination with the trainers presenting proposals for new programs
prepare Media training plans In collaboration with (Aljazeera media training centre) provide training offers for Companies preparation of training plan Coordinates with the client to ensure all training is completed Identifies the media necessary to fulfil the training needs. Ships training materials to arrive at the specified time.

March 2006 - December 2006:
Training coordinator
Al nokhba For personal development Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Job Role/ supervision of all the requirements and needs for any program to be implemented • provide training offers to government institutions and private • the provision of new training programs in line with the requirements of the training market • preparation of the plan • coordination and arrangement with the trainers • Coordination with various actors of the establishment of training • booking hotels and airline tickets at the creation of training programs

June 2001:Tanta University, Egypt
Faculty of letters, French Dep. French language.

Training course in ( The Art of reading people ) Arabian gulf centre Apr 2007
Training Course in ( Strategic planning for public relation ) Al Jazeera channel ( Al Jazeera media training centre )
Training Course in (Planning Media Campaign ) Al Jazeera channel ( Al Jazeera media training centre )
Training course in ( Planning PR Campaign) Turjuman Media Consultancy
Training Course in ( Running Public Relations Department ) Guma Almjed center for culture & heritage
Training course in ( Dealing with media “ Official spokes Person ) The PR academy –London
Participated in (The first Arab Forum for PR and Corporate Communication ,Best Practices )
Attendance many training programs in accordance of my job nature.

Excellent Computer Use skills – Operating System, MS Office
Highly motivated person
Team member and ability to direct others
Very good organizing
Patient and understandable

Arabic : Native language.
English : Good command of both written and spoken.
French : Good command of both written and spoken