BE ONE OF THE FIRST ARTDO Certified Training Professionals in the Country!
Jul 17, 2011 at 09:00AM
June 21, 2011 at 05:00PM
Amman , Jordan
1000 $
human resources
Intended For:
Training Managers, Training Specialists, Training officers, learning specialists, teachers, professors, facilitators, lecturers, technical experts
Magnet Company for the development of human resources

The Certified Training Professional designation recognizes individuals who have completed the CTP Program. ARTDO International and all of its member organizations recognize that those individuals so designated possess the competences of a training practitioner.
The CTP program is offered by ARTDO in collaboration with the Institute of Training and Development. The award is given upon satisfactory completion of a five-module competency-based skills development program which lasts for 10 days and the submission of a set of required certification reports indicating the demonstration and application of the set of training competencies an actual work-related setting within a 90-day post-training assessment period.
Each participant is provided with th ARTDO-ITD Resource guide which includes reading materials, techniques, exercises, designs and tips for trainers. Other recommended learning materials can be accessed at the ITD resource center, which may also be used for research, discussions with fellow participants, CTP community, and consultations with mentors.