Mohammad Samir Taher
Address: 26 Omar Al Mokhtar St, Al Wehda Ext, Embaba
Giza, Egypt
Telephone: (02) 3312 16 14
Mobile: (010) 62 42 939
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To join an organization that will add to my career and that would provide me with experience in my field. Also to challenge position in management field that can I use my academic background and interpersonal skills that achieve my objectives.

Graduation Project

2001-2005 Cairo University Giza, Egypt
§1 Faculty of Commerce Business Administration Dept

Strategic Analyses For Air Way Company
( Saudi Arabia Airway Vs Egypt Airway )

Included: - Specification which strategic will used (attack or defense).
-Specification threatening, strength and weakness points.
- Specification marketing quota for both companies.
- Finale advises the companies which strategic will used to achievement a big profit.


Computer Skills:
§ Excellent Knowledge of Microsoft Word & Power Point & Windows Xp.
§ Very Good Knowledge of Excel & Internet & out look.
§ Good knowledge of Access.

Language Skills:
§ Native language Arabic
ü §2 § Very Good command of both read ,spoken, written , English and understanding (Berlitz Center)

Administrative Skills :
§Sending & Receiving E-mailing & Faxes.
§Writing Business Correspondence & Report Preparation.
§Presentation Skills, Working in Team Work.
§Soft Skills (Marketing, Customer Services and communication skills)
Additional cirtefications

University of Cambridge
International Examinations:

Certification in Human Resource Management
- Understand the meaning, purpose and organization of HRM.
- Knowing the functions of human resources management.
- learning how to write job analysis, job description and job s specification.

- Understating how organizations meet their human resource needs.
- Understating The Methods Used To enable Individuals and group to
work together effectively.
- Understand how organizations reward, motivate and develop

Future generation foundation (FGF):
Got courses for how to be instructor Microsoft Office
package ( Windows Xp , Word , Excel , Power Point, Access , O Outlook and Internet ……….

Academy of Accountants:
E-Accounting and Booking Accounting sponsored by Dr.
Salah Abd El-Fattah Office (Auditor Accountant & Taxes Expert )
Trained on like ( Record in Journal, Ledger book , Balance of payments
manually and computerized )

Sep 05-Dec 05
Basic Business Skills Acquisition (BBSA) Cairo, Egypt
Sponsored by the Future Generation Foundation (FGF).

Which include of :
§ Developed Language and Computer skills.
§ Enhanced Presentation & project development skills.
§ Acquired basic business skills including:
(Marketing, sales, banking, accounting, business correspondence, And report writing).

Dale Carnegie training:
Sales advantage course trained on the Professional selling skills.


ü Work as Human Resources (Recruitment & Selection) United Business Service.
Job responsibilities:
- decide what position needs to filled.
-Collecting and evaluating applications.
- Giving reference numbers to the newly received CVs
- Recruiting internal and external candidates.
- Filling the rejected candidate’s applications.
- Follow with the candidates.
- Place ads in the newspaper for the job vacancies.
- Make social insurance for the internal employees.

ü Work as Costumer Service at Hero Fresh for Juice Manufacturing.
Job responsibilities:
- provides information in response to inquiries a bout service.
- Handle and resolve problems with customer.
-Make change or update to a customers profile or account information.

ü Work as Sales Representative at American Egyptian Bank.
Job responsibilities:
- prepare an appointment with the new clients.
- Present my service on the clients and try to satisfaction him.
-follow with the clients.

§Trained In Clearing House and Many Departments atAlexandria Bank.


Getting Boxing championship of Cairo university for tow years continual.
Joining as a member of Boxing Cairo university Team.

Boxing, internet, Football, English Movies, and getting Courses.

Personal Information

Date of Birth: 11/9/1984.
Marital Status: Single.
Military Status: Exempted.