Successful Strategic Planning
By Nexus Academy
Nexus Academy is pleased to start Successful Strategic planning course.
Strategic management is about running the total business enterprise. It seeks to understand the challenges and the environment in which the business operates.
Course objective:
The practical part is all about acquiring deep insights into the determinants of business success from specific cases.
By the end of the course you will be able to:
 Understand the importance of strategy to an organization
 Recognize the various approaches to strategy development and decision
 Undertake or participate in a strategic review and be familiar with the tools and techniques to be used
 Understand the impact of strategic change on an organization
 Translate strategy into plans
 Review and evaluate the effects of strategic decisions
 Monitor the strategic progress of the organization and identify the need for any remedial action
Start date: 26/5/2012
Place:Riyadh, KSA
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