Human Resources Management – Advance

Egypt- Cairo– from 14/6 -18/6/2007

  • What are the challenges of globalization?
  • What is the role of human resources management in facing the contemporary system of globalization challenges?
  • What is the system of human resources skills management as a conceptual capital in facing the challenges of the 21st century?
The concept of human resources has greatly developed in the last twenty years. In the past, the role of human resources management used to be traditional and executive revolving around decisions to employ, promote, transfer, pay and social insurance but now this role has dramatically evolved. In the contemporary framework of human resources management, this department has assumed the role of a consultant to the higher management and its partner in designing organizational strategies including human resources strategies. Human resources in this regard became not only an executor of decisions but also a designer of human resources policies. These policies developed to include new trends that did not exist before.Target Audience
This program is directed towards directors at higher management levels, human resources directors and assistant directors as well as candidates for such positions in public and private sectors.

Main Objective:
To supply participants with knowledge of contemporary trends in human resources management and to provide them with the skills of designing, executing and actively assessing those policies.


ü A fruitful discussion of the contemporary role of human resources management and the importance of this role in facing globalization challenges.
ü Providing participants with human resources electronic management skills in recruitment, candidate choice, training, job performance appraisal and planning position future track.
ü Participants are to acquire new skills such as the treatment of job performance appraisal problems, and 360 degrees appraisal.
ü Supplying participants with active planning and assessment skills of training activities.
ü Globalization challenges and their effect on Arab organizations
ü Contemporary trends to face globalization challenges in the field of human resources management.
ü The contemporary role of human resources management: an integrated methodology.
Development: concepts, dimensions and significance
  • Methods for employee development
  • Expected problems in the field of employee development

Electronic Human Resources Management: Concepts and dimensions
  • Electronic recruitment
  • Electronic interview
  • The Internet and its employment:
    • in human resources management
    • in human resources planning
    • in recruiting from within the organization
    • in training and development
    • in job performance appraisal
    • in planning job track
Training and Development: Concept and significance
  • The difference between training and development concepts
  • Planning for training
  • Identifying assessment needs
  • Assessment of training and development returns
Job Performance Appraisal
  • Objectives of job performance appraisal
  • Job performance appraisal methods: traditional and contemporary method
  • Problems arising from job performance appraisal
  • Factors affecting the effectiveness of job performance appraisal.
2800 Dollar
per trainee including training material. Bags ,Beaks, certificates .

Training Manager
Dr . mohammad abu mahmoud