Employment Opportunities At
TAFE Arabia in Jubail

1- Administrative Coordinator
Skills/Qualifications: Organizational Astuteness, Managing Processes, Process Improvement, Reporting Skills, Change Management, Coaching, Client Relationships, Supports Innovation, Developing Standards, Hiring, Administrative Writing Skills

2- Marketing Coordinator
Skills/Qualifications: Direct Marketing, Market Segmentation, Marketing Research, Coordination, Project Management, Reporting Research Results, Understanding the Customer, Process Improvement, Initiative, Planning, Financial Skills

3- Receptionist
Skills/Qualifications: Telephone Skills, Verbal Communication, Microsoft Office Skills, Listening, Professionalism, Customer Focus, Organization, Informing Others, Handles Pressure, Phone Skills, Supply Management

4- Secretary
Skills/Qualifications: Administrative Writing Skills, Reporting Skills, Supply Management, Scheduling, Microsoft Office Skills, Professionalism, Confidentiality, Organization, Travel Logistics, Typing, Verbal Communication

5- Security Officer
Skills/Qualifications: Lifting, Surveillance Skills, Deals with Uncertainty, Judgment, Objectivity, Dependability, Emotional Control, Integrity, Safety Management, Professionalism, Reporting Skills

6- Technical Trainer (Computer)
Skills/Qualifications: Presentation Skills, Written Communication, Training , Training Management, Technical Zeal, Self-Development, Technical Leadership, Presenting Technical Information, Self-Confidence, Dealing with Complexity, Microsoft Office Skills

7- Vocational Instructor (Woodwork, Welding, Plumbing, Electrical, Metal Work, Engineering, Mechanical and Deslination)
Skills, Licenses, and/or competencies required:
1. Bachelor’s Degree and relevant experience in subject matter delivery
2. Strong interpersonal and communication skills
3. Demonstrated ability to motivate clients
4. Ability to work well in a team environment
5. Willingness to work flexible hours
6. Proven track record in delivery of subject matter in both languages (English and Arabic)

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