Welding Engineering Manager
Job Description
Manage all technical welding activity relating to weldquality, training and qualification along with the implementation andmanagement of the complete Weld Management program.
Organize and manage a wide range of training activitiesfor welding personnel, define equipment requirements and Ensure welders initialqualification and maintenance.
Apply root cause analysis to welding quality issues totarget specific training or process changes or needs.
Assist Operations in high level troubleshooting ofwelding processes and participate in discussion and presentation with customer.
Work with potential customers on technical and subjectmatter experts in solving welding issues and implementing best practice.


Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering or MaterialScience Engineering.
5 to 7 years ofexperience in welding engineering with three years of experience in asupervisory role within an industrial training environment.
Good knowledge of the Microsoft Office.
Excellent English communication skills (written andspoken).

Anybody who meets the above mentioned requirements cansend their CV to: