Now in Alexandria !!!!!! Great Training Opportunity for HR Professionals, Trainers and Instructors !!!!! International Diploma in Training of Trainer (TOT)

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o If you want to be Training Manager, Training Specialist , Professional Trainer or Professional Instructor
o If you want to know how to make Annual Training Calendar plan
o If you want to know how to make cost effective training budget

!!!!!!! so Now you can Earn your !!!!! International Diploma in Training of Trainer (TOT)

Welcome to our International Diploma in Training of Trainer (ID-TOT). And as you keep going through the program overview, you are learning about what you are offered, how it is offered, and above all, what makes training as such so special, stand out in the hard-to-count similar programs.
Upon your successful completion of the 10-day certification program, in the capacity of Analyzing the need of training, you will be adequately able to:

• In the capacity of Analysis your own training program, you will be able to:
o Discuss the role of organization analysis, person analysis, and task analysis in needs assessment
o Identify different methods used in needs assessment and identify the advantages and disadvantages of each method
o Discuss the concerns of upper-level and mid-level managers and trainers in needs assessment
o Explain how person characteristics, input, output, consequences, and feedback influence performance and learning
o Create conditions to ensure that employees are receptive to training
o Discuss the steps involved in conducting a task analysis
o Analyze task analysis data to determine the tasks for which people need to be trained
o Explain competency models and the process used to develop them.
• In the capacity of Designing your own training program, you will be able to:
o Explain the implications of learning theory for instructional design
o Incorporate adult learning theory into the design of a training program
o Describe how learners receive, process, store, retrieve, and act upon information
o Discuss the internal conditions (within the learner) and external conditions (learning environment) necessary for the trainee to learn each type of capability
o Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of presentational, hands-on, and group building training methods
o Choose and prepare a training site
o Discuss the technologies that can be used to support transfer of training
o Explain the four components of program design: design document template, course or lesson plan, and course or lesson plan overview.

• In the capacity of Developing your training program, you will be fully equipped to:
o Discuss the five types of learner outcomes
o Develop a case study
o Develop a self-directed learning module
o Identify Internal & External Conditions necessary for learning outcomes
o Develop four components of training program: document template, course or lesson plan, and course or lesson plan overview

· In the capacity of Implementation (Show Time!), you will be able to:
o Identify how preferred representational systems affect communication
o Identify ways to manage nerves
o Determine effective platform techniques
o Conquer Stage Fright
o Identify techniques to effectively handle a question and answer session
o Present with power

• When it all comes to Evaluation, you will be ready to:
o Explain why evaluation is important
o Identify and choose outcomes to evaluate a training program
o Discuss the process used to plan and implement a good training evaluation
o Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of different evaluation designs
o Choose the appropriate evaluation design based on the characteristics of the company and the importance and purpose of the training
o Conduct a cost-benefit analysis for a training program.
The methodology we are following while transferring this expertise over to you is a blend of leader-led, individual and team assignments, and la crème de la crepe; whereby you will be challenged, inspired, and coached by a team of subject matter experts, who will make sure your transformation mission is over expectedly accomplished.
You must now be wondering about the credibility of this program, that is being presented for the first time in Egypt. ASK Training & Consulting are glad to tell you that you are enrolling in an ISO 10015:1999 qualified.
When you decide to be part of this one of a kind training program, you are free to get in contact with us for more details at: (يمنع عرض أرقام الهواتف بدون أذن الإدارة)