Future Training Academy is honored to present the best training offers for 2009, the Professional Diploma in Human Resources.
The items of the training course:
-The functional analysis.
-The functional description.
-The system of choosing and employing the employees
-The system of evaluating the way of action.
-The system of Compensation and rewarding.
-Developing human resources.
-The way of motivating the employees.
-Planning the human resources.
-Setting the authorities and responsibilities .
-Considering the problems of the employees and solving them .
The targeted group :
-Those who work in human resources management.
-Those who work in individuals,affairs management.
-Those who want to work in human resources management.
-Everyone who want to get a job opportunity in a distinct field.
The training program will start in 7/11/2009 & 21/11/2009 .
The trainee is given an accredited certification from the ministry of education and the ministry of foreign affairs .

For registration: please contact us :
Cairo area: 6th of October – Elmehwar Elmarkazy - Elhay Elrabea – in the front of El-Eskan wa El-tameer bank – 0165647451
Delta area : Mansoura – Gehan st. , in the front of the faculty of education – El-Ashry tower – 1st floor – Tel:0502264691 – 0502290817 – Hot line : 0183863245
For more information about our training programs, please visit our website: [مشاهدة الروابط متاحة فقط لأعضاء المنتدى .. ] – or contact us via e.mailThe Professional Diploma in Human Resourcesتم حذف الإيميل لأن عرضه مخالف لشروط المنتدى)