Project Management
Course Overview
Duration:1 Weeks
Location:Malysia – Kuala lumpor
Fee:2400 $
This course provides delegates with the ability to develop project objectives, project requirements and to define the scope and achieve expected results in handling cross functional projects. During the course, essentials of structural planning, including the process of the logical framework, will be reviewed.
Who should attend?
This course is ideal for project and programme directors or managers, project consultants, finance consultants and any senior manager or professional with the responsibility to manage or assist in the management.
Benefits of Attending
o Construct a work breakdown structure from your approved project plan; define the summary of tasks and sub-tasks necessary for the project and fix appropriate time lines for the entire project
o Manage cross-functional projects; build a high-performance team from diverse functional areas and achieve expected standards across all sectors concerned
o Use status data from project team members; update the project plan to reflect changes and use project management software to identify problems
o Assess risks to the project and lay down contingency strategies
Programme Outline
o Planning a Project
o Assess the Project, Identify Key Stakeholders and Highlight Expected Outcomes
o Tracking Project Activities, Problems and Solutions: Using Project Management Software to Monitor Status of Project
o Resource Planning
o Estimating and Scheduling Resources
o The HR Function
o Develop Detailed Workflow Systems, Training and Process Requirements for the Project
o Managing Conflict and Assessing Information Structures within the Team
o Budgetary Controls and Financial Management
o Estimate Project Costs and Schedules Using Simple Techniques
o Reconciling Benchmarks and Performance Indicators
o Controlling and Monitoring the Budget
Registration :
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