Spices’ Basket
Spices’ Basket
From the organizations and individual perspective, career development is a critical
issue. Effective career development is essential to retain the most talented employees
available and is useful in helping employees avoid career plateaus and obsolescence.
At a much broader level, career management helps organizations achieve a high
quality of work life for employees and fosters positive attitudes and corporate loyalty
among workers
Career Development is essential if employees are to maintain some selfdetermination
with regard to their own careers. Career development helps employees
to discover what they want to achieve in life and to balance the demands of family,
friends, recreation, and work. It also helps employees make better decisions about
their careers: when to seek more challenging job assignments and when to escape
from ones that are too stressful. Most importantly, career development assists
employees in adjusting to the changing personal needs and job demands they face as
they pass from one career stage to another

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