Program Overview:

  • Mini MBA Program is an overview of the main cornerstones of business (Management, Accounting, HR, Finance, Marketing, Strategic Planning, etc) through the introduction of the latest business concepts, tools, models and practices.
  • Condensed, delivered intensively within a period of a few months with knowledge nearly equivalent to a two year duration MBA Program.
  • We put you on the right path towards business success.

Program Accreditation:
- American Institute of Professional Studies AIPS , which in turn represents a wing of the European Center for Professional Studies
– Cairo University Certificates.
– Ain Shams University
Program Duration:
100 Hours (8 hrs per session x 10 subjects = 80 hrs) plus two to three sessions for revision & final exam and final project.
Program Language:
Dual language (English-Arabic).
Program Objectives:

  • Our main aim is to encourage entrepreneurs, middle managers, and even fresh graduates to launch their own businesses, armed with the required business knowledge and experiences.
  • Mini MBA Program qualifies you to study in the reputable colleges worldwide.
  • Mini MBA Program strongly prepares you to get the Master of Business Administration degree besides its practical experience.
  • Learn from professional, academic and experienced business practitioners and tutors.
  • Raise the market price of your CV.
  • Whether you are a beginner at the subject or a senior trying to get the latest updates in your domain, you’ll find your demand in our Mini MBA Program.
  • Sharing experiences with peers, discussing case studies, and gaining practical experiences.

Target Audience:
- Entrepreneurs and Business Men.
- Junior, Mid Level Managers, and Senior Managers.
- Fresh Graduates who seek differentiation and enrichment of their CVs.
- Government employees who seek self development and professionalism.

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