WSI Digital Marketing Certification

Intensive Training will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills you need to plan, implement and monitor effective digital marketing activities. You’ll learn what digital marketing is about, the buzz words and main trends.

This training will covers (Website Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click campaign, Display Banner Advertizing, Email Marketing, viral marketing, online PR, and social media...) in a practical way and you will have a chance to learn how to do it yourself

This is training makes you capable of building your own Digital Marketing plan and enable you with the right digital marketing knowledge and techniques to structure the best marketing MIX fits your Business.


Digital Marketing Trends in the Middle East
Website/Mobile-site best Development techniques to convert visitors to customers
Search Engine Marketing (AdoptiveSEO)
Online Advertising
Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)
Display Banner Advertising
Mobile Marketing
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Web Analytics
Digital Marketing Planing

? What are the benefits from this training
You'll get a clear understanding of the modern Digital Marketing Technologies
You will learn techniques and actives to grow your business
You will learn the mechanism of Web Marketing to increase visits rates and conversions
How to publish ads on the Internet to reach thousands of users
You will learn all about Email Marketing and how to maintain communication with your customers
Professionalism in digital Marketing advanced planning
You, also , will learn how to create content marketing blueprint
How to set-up social media communications & management through an effective strategy to support your business.


In This training you will learn how to:

Use Google AdWords to create and manage PPC Campaign
Use Facebook advert to create Campaign
Use Email Marketing System
Build Email Marketing campaign
Use Social Media Management Tool training
Create Digital Marketing Plan
Date,Time & Location

Jeddah 14 to 18 Dec 2014
Riyadh 11 to 15 Jan 2015

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