Management of Higher Education InstitutionsWALDENBURG INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE

Management of Higher Education Institutions WALDENBURG  INTERNATIONAL  COLLEGE

The ten-day in-depth training program me takes a strategic approach towards developing and managing the resources and capabilities of the university. Organizational, political, financial, social and ethical factors affecting the university's long-term success will be considered. The development of Human Resource strategies, gender roles in the public sector and global trends in Distance Learning are key issues to be addressed.

Participants will benefit from lectures by internationally known academic experts and university leaders, case-study analyses, group discussions and workshops. On study tours, they will visit Israeli higher education institutions and meet with senior personnel. In addition, participants will enjoy personal and professional interactions with colleagues from around the globe.


The program me is designed for senior leaders and administrators in Higher Education: University Vice Chancellors and Executive Directors, Financial Managers, Human Resource Managers and Registrars. Workshops are geared towards Higher Education leadership whose responsibilities include management and development of University resources and capabilities, while providing the leadership necessary to renew and reform their universities in the light of changing socio-economic realities.


The program me aims to equip participants with both advanced managerial techniques and specialized knowledge; to increase their capacity for innovative planning and implementation of policy in response to changing socio-economic realities; and to improve their strategic-thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills.


Distance Learning: Recent Trends and Future Prospects
Fund Raising
Competitive Strategies & Marketing in the Higher Education Institutes
The Importance of Science in National Development
University Involvement in the Community
Communication Skills
Resource Development Plan
Introduction to Resource Development
The International Model for Budgeting Higher Education Institutes
Initiating Change at University Contexts - A Human Resources Perspective
The Impact of Technology on the Future of the University
Developing a University
Higher Education in the 21st Century: International Perspectives
Marketing Universities Abroad
Integrating Vision into reality: Practical uses for HR in Higher Education Institutions

NOTE: The above curriculum outline is intended as a guide only. The sequence of course offerings is subject to change at the discretion of the administration.


We expect that when graduates return to their home universities, they will put into practice the managerial skills, professional knowledge and innovative capabilities that they have acquired at WALDENBURG INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE

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