[LTR]What causes Fear?

Causes of fear are multiple. Because fear is induced as a reaction of human beings to any behavior or situation might threat or menace them. Fear has several types among them the normal one and phobia. The amygdala located in the brain holds the responsibility primarily. It observes the signals that received by human senses. Instantly, it alerts the human of the risks he might get exposed to. While we find that phobia is an anxiety that causes fear as a result to incidents that occurred to the one in the past which became reasons of fear and agony


Fear leaves an effect as a result of the old historical experiences of the human and the culture that he gained; especially that serious incidents and experiences taking place while he was a child, which have a great effect on his state of mind. The most dangerous thing parents could do is to frighten their kid for fun as a kind of joking and laughing, while they see the terrified facial expressions of their child that make them laugh.

The most causes of human fear are what he has watched, in his early childhood stages, of horror and violent scenes; such as horror movies or stories that have terrified him once he heard about. The thought of missing mother or father either by death or divorce or even by travelling or leaving evokes fears of the one’s feelings many a time. Then fear occurs because of his expectation to lose care provided to him in addition to love and attention. Hence, get controlled by idea; which is fear of deprivation.

Some of fear causes could transfer from one person to another by way of infection; particularly, when child get affected by parents fear at a specific case or situation. They show this to their children who grow up while they feel fear towards.

Fear causes could be exaggerated. As we see, confusion, panic and paleness surround some parents, when their child get injured or fallen down from a high place. Consequently, the child gains his parents’ similar pattern of a deep fear about himself.

The environment plays an important role in striking of human fear. Always, fighting and disagreement within the family have a dramatic effect regarding disturbing the child and threatening his peace of mind in his own family. Thus, the child grew up overwhelmed by fear. Such as fear of seeing a doctor or a private, which is considered from tangible fears, while his fear of imps is considered an intangible fear[/LTR].

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