Sales & Marketing Manager – Job Description

Job Title: Sales & Marketing Manager
Location of Work: Pyramid & Parr Hall
Grade: Grade 7
Hours of Duty: 37 hours per week
Directly Responsible To: Head of Communications
Directly Responsible For: Publicity Officer; Sales & Information Supervisor; Sales and Information Assistants

Primary purpose & scope of the job:

To be responsible for the development and implementation of sales, marketing, audience development and publicity strategies for the venues.
To maximise ticket sales income and the internal and external profile of the venues with press, community and partners.
To manage the sales and marketing team and associated IT systems.

Working relationships:

Pyramid & Parr Hall colleagues
Warrington Borough Council officers and departments
Local voluntary groups and organisations
Agents, artists and promoters
Cultural and media organisations
Venue hirers and customers
Partner organisations
Arts and community sector

Key Tasks and Accountabilities:

1. To be responsible for the development and implementation of sales and marketing strategies for Pyramid & Parr Hall, including the management, reporting and reviewing of budget performance and the development of strategies and partnerships to support business ambitions.

2. To ensure the efficient and effective management of the marketing operation and to make recommendations on the appropriate use of resources to maximise income.

3. To support the development of the venues’ products and services.

4. To provide advice and creative input into the venues’ operations and plans, and to colleagues across Culture Warrington.

5. To be responsible for box office services and systems, ensuring the provision of good quality on- and off-line services at all times and compliance with data protection legislation.

6. To plan and co-ordinate direct marketing activities, including direct mail, email and other electronic campaigns, and to liaise with colleagues and suppliers as necessary to ensure the effective fulfilment and monitoring of campaigns.

7. To be responsible for online marketing activity, including the development and maintenance of Pyramid & Parr Hall websites, managing public enquiry email addresses, building links with other suitable website providers and working closely with colleagues to develop an effective online sales offer.

8. To support the development and implementation of a venues marketing strategy in partnership with venue management colleagues and local cultural quarter partners to maximise opportunities for increasing social and business trade.

9. To lead the development of brand management policies and practices, ensuring brand guidelines are adhered to internally and by external companies.

10. To support and contribute to the development of the venues’ artistic programme, advising colleagues on programming decisions from a sales and marketing perspective.

11. To manage the production and distribution of all Pyramid & Parr Hall marketing materials, ensuring the presentation of a consistent, high quality image, and monitoring return on investment and overall effectiveness to inform the development of future plans.

12. To devise and implement a media relations strategy, including writing and selling in press releases, organising press visits, issuing press listings and generating positive coverage within consumer and trade press, broadcast and online media.

13. To contribute to plans for improving the venues, supporting the design and delivery of capital investment schemes and associated revenue schemes.

14. To liaise with colleagues, contractors and across departments as required to ensure compliance with all licensing and other requirements.

15. To support across the organisation as necessary in undertaking roles across the venue and events team, sales and marketing team and arts development team.

16. To be aware of and to adhere to the Health and Safety Policy and other operating policies of the venues and their facilities, undertaking such duties as required and ensuring that reasonable care is taken to maintain a healthy and safe working environment.

17. To undertake any other duties commensurate with the post and grade which contribute to the general purpose and objectives of Culture Warrington.

Review Arrangements:

The details contained in this Job Description reflect the content of the job at the date it was prepared. However, it is inevitable that over time, the nature of the jobs may change. Existing duties may no longer be required and other duties may be gained without changing the general nature of the post or the level of responsibility entailed. Consequently, the Council will expect to revise this Job Description from time to time and will consult with the post holder at the appropriate time

Date Job Description Prepared/Revised: July 2012
Prepared/Revised By: Lyndsay Patino / Janey Moran
Agreed Job Description Signed By Holder:
(To be signed only following appointment)