Top Level:
Title: G.M Maufacturing


  • Setting vision and mission for the organization and ensuring that organizational functions are aligned with the set values and beliefs.
  • Identifying opportunities and designing policies to achieve them
  • Making long-term plans
  • Ensures organizational goals are achieved
  • Develop strong team and ensuring quality results are achieved


  1. Vision and purpose
    • Sees new possibilities to take the organization to a higher realm
    • Optimistic. Sees everything with a positive outlook
    • Creates and communicates compelling vision or direction
    • Inspires and motivates others with enlightened insights

  2. Developing people

· Assembles strong teams
· Empowers and trains people
· Provides rewards, feedback and recognition
· Communicates effectively with people

  1. Values and ethics

· Aligns with company values
· Adheres to code of conduct
· Ensures that the standards and specifications are kept
· Rewards right behaviors

  1. Commitment

· Widely trusted
· Takes ownership on the assigned responsibilities
· Impartial and fair in exercising the responsibilities
· Delivers results on commitment

  1. Performance

· Sets and achieves ambitious goals
· Drives for continuous improvement
· Ensures that health, safety and social objectives are integrated into business activities
· Gets results consistently
Managerial Level


  • Q.C Manager
  • Q.A Manager
  • Production Manager (Bio-S)
  • Production Manager (Bio-P)
  • Design and Development Manager

Level: Managerial
Department: Manufacturing
Summary of responsibilities:
Q.A Division

  • Planning, developing, implementing and controlling the quality management system
  • Closely monitoring and guiding the members so that the QMS functions smoothly
  • Updating the QMS, along with both the external and internal environmental changes
  • Dealing with ISO related activities
  • Make sure documents and files related to quality management are kept properly
  • Maintaining and upgrading the quality, so as to delight the customer requirements.


  • Plan, develop, direct and control the production system which involves men, money, material, machine and time effectively so as to achieve basic objectives of quality, quantity and production
  • Making sure, consistent standard is kept up for the products
  • Motivating the workforce to bring out their maximum effort in production
  • Implementing modern production concepts like TQM, JIT, Lean Manufacturing techniques etc.

Design and development

  • Managing the Auto CAD related jobs
  • Final approval of drawings
  • Upgrading of design packages when the need arises

Competencies required performing these responsibilities

1. Basic knowledge and information

  • Command of basic facts
  • Relevant professional knowledge

2. Skills and attributes

  • Continuing sensitivity to events
  • Analytical, problem solving and decision-making skill
  • Social skills and abilities
  • Emotional resilience
  • Pro-activity

3. Meta Qualities

  • Creativity
  • Mental agility
  • Balanced learning habits and skills
  • Self-knowledge

Working conditions: 8 hours work with 24 hours work responsibility
Report to: Q.A, Q.C, Production, Design and Development managers directly report to G.M Manufacturing.
Executive Level


  • Q.A Executives
  • Q.C Executives

Level/role: Executive
Department: Manufacturing

  • Make sure quality related documents are well maintained
  • Executing the planned QMS
  • Resolving bottlenecks with regard to quality
  • Making Q.C related reports
  • Liaison with customers on the issue of quality

Competencies required performing these responsibilities:

1. Personal competencies

  • Assertiveness
  • Integrity
  • Self- sufficiency
  • High emotional stamina

2. Knowledge level competencies

  • Command of basic facts
  • Quality consciousness
  • Organizational awareness
  • Knowledge on standards and specifications

3. Job related skills/competencies

  • Presentation skill
  • Analytical and problem solving skill
  • Concern for excellence
  • Negotiation skill

4. Communication and interpersonal competencies

  • Listening skills
  • Precision in communication
  • Persuasiveness
  • Sensitivity

Working Condition: 8 hours work with 24 hours work responsibility
Report to: Q.A and Q.C executives report to the Q.C manager
Engineering Level (Production and Q.C)


  • Q.C Engineers
  • Asst. Engineer (LWD)
  • Production Engineer (Memb/LSD)
  • Production Engineer (Bio-P)
  • Asst. Engineer (Bio-P)

Level: Engineers
Department: Manufacturing

  • Responsible for the supervision of a group of employees to attain established goals and objectives.
  • Establishes work assignments to achieve basic objectives of quality, quantity and production consistent with defined standards and efficient use of material, labor and equipment.
  • Suggest products, equipments, working condition improvement. Being creative in the job assigned.
  • Co-ordinates the efficient utilization of human resources, production, material and equipment ensuring that it is produced at optimum cost and that schedules are met keeping in mind minimum WIP and inventory.
  • Assign duties among supervised employees in accordance with production schedules and elaborating the working procedures.
  • Interact with superiors to order materials, parts and components and co-ordinates the production line.
  • Operating and maintaining of equipments in production
  • Ensures compliance with specification/standards and safety rules. Make SOP in the work area.
  • Being part of analysis of customer complaints and take corrective action. Should measure performance in work area, analyze display and improve. This improvement is to be shown on the metrics.
  • Good house keeping
  • Work in line with Millipore Corporation and Millipore France

Competencies required performing these responsibilities

1. Personal competencies

  • Stress tolerance
  • Self starting and proactive
  • Detail consciousness
  • High energy level

2. Knowledge level competencies

  • Operational knowledge
  • Numerical interpretation
  • Identifying bottlenecks and rectifying them
  • Knowledge on production concepts, standards and specification

3. Job related skills/ competencies

  • Information collection
  • Analytical skill
  • Creativity
  • Technical expertise

4. Interpersonal and leadership skills/competencies

  • Precision in communication
  • Motivating
  • Appraising and developing
  • Organizing

Working Condition: 8 hours work with 24 hours work responsibilities
Report to:

  • Q.C Engineers report to Q.C Manager
  • Asst. Engineer (LWD) report to the Production Manager (Bio-S)
  • Production Engineer (Memb/LSD) report to the production Manager (Bio-S)
  • Production Engineer (Bio-P) report to the Production Manager (Bio-P)
  • Asst. Engineer (Bio-P) report to the Production Manager (Bio-P)

Design Engineering Level


  • Design Engineer
  • Auto & Planning Engineer
  • Draftsman
  • Tech. Writer

Level: Engineer
Department: Manufacturing

  • Drafting for approval of systems, new products. Layouts or any other Auto CAD related jobs
  • Responsible for checking the correctness of drawing and handing over to Approving authority for final approval
  • Plotting and handling over to documentation secretary after approval
  • Responsible for taking regular backup of drawing files and keeping the files properly tagged in a safe place
  • Responsible for secrecy of the drawing on the Auto CAD computer
  • Responsible for up gradation of designing package as and when the need arises

Competencies required performing above responsibilities

1. Personal competencies

  • Stress tolerance
  • Self starting and proactive
  • Detail consciousness
  • High energy level

2. Knowledge level Competencies

  • Knowledge on accuracy
  • Product knowledge
  • Knowledge on the latest design packages
  • Identifying bottlenecks and rectifying them

3. Job related competencies/skills

  • I.T Skills
  • Time management
  • Self management
  • Creativity

4. Interpersonal and communication skills/competencies

  • Team spirit
  • Flexibility
  • Precision in communication
  • Receptive to corrections

Working condition: 8 hours work with 24 hours work responsibility
Report to:

  • Design engineer and draftsman report to design manager
  • Auto & planning engineer report to Auto. Manager

Technical and Operation level


  • Production technician
  • Operator
  • Asst. Operator
  • Production Helper

Level: Technical and Operational
Department: Manufacturing
Production Technician (Bio-P)

  • Assembly of housings, water systems and MAD systems
  • Inspection of SS items
  • Packaging as per WO
  • Vendor visit and follow up
  • Documentation
  • Product quality of the job being carried out.

Helper (Production Memb.)

  • Bringing the membrane filter from warehouse to membrane cutting section and returning to the ware hour after completing of work
  • Laying the membrane filter and preparation for cutting
  • Cutting the membranes to required size as per the instruction from supervisor
  • Vacuum forming, cutting and trimming of the boxes
  • Shrink, wrapping the boxes
  • Packing the boxes in wooden crates, card board boxes as per the instruction from the stores officer
  • House keeping of membrane section/ assembly section

Production Helper

  • House keeping and cleanliness of the shop flour and production area
  • Assist production operators in assembly of products and systems
  • Movement of material inside and outside the factory with proper documentation
  • Check incoming material after receiving from stores from any damages and malfunctioning
  • Packaging of products as per the check list

Production operator (Bio-S/LWD)

  • Assembly and tasting of LW products
  • Usage of LAN and receipt/verification of items against indents from stores needed for day to day production needs
  • Issue of finished of finished goods as per Millipore quality standards
  • Preparation of SOPS in the work area
  • House keeping in and around the work place
  • Transfer of finished goods from work spot to F.G stores and maintain traceability file

Operator (Production Bio-S & Bio-P)

  • Assembly of Housings, TFF systems, LSD items and testing of the same
  • Inspection of SS items
  • Vendor visit and follow up
  • Inspection of systems at vendor’s place
  • Documentation relevant to job execution from work order to issue of finished goods
  • Product quality and improvements in productivity

Competencies required performing these responsibilities

1. Personal competencies

  • Adaptability
  • Stress tolerance
  • Self motivated
  • Honesty

2. Knowledge level competencies

  • Detailed knowledge of materials and tools used for assembling
  • Operational knowledge of machines and tools
  • Knowledge on product standard and specification
  • Knowledge on product testing

3. Job related skills/competencies

  • Technical skills
  • Learning oriented
  • Concern for excellence
  • Initiative

4. Interpersonal and communication skills

  • Team oriented
  • Clarity in oral expression
  • Receptive to corrections
  • Committed to responsibilities

Working conditions: 8 hours work with 24 hours work responsibility
Report to:

  • Prod. Technician, Operation, Asst. Operator (LWD) report to Asst. Engineer (LWD)
  • Asst. Operator, Production Helper, Production Operator, Production Technician (Memb/LSD) report to Production Engineer (Memb/LSD)
  • Operator and Technicians (Bio-P) report to Production Engineer (Bio-P)