Title Role
Senior Consultant or Supplier-side Project Manager The person responsible for managing supplier-side input to the project.
· Ensures that mandatory supplier requirements are met.
· Manages the production and approval of the supplier side of the budget.
· Makes effective use of supplier resources within the approved budget.
· Tracks performance of consultants and takes appropriate action.
· Proactively develops a collaborative relationship with the organisation to Project Steering Board level.
· Ensures that there are clear communication paths within the project team and the organisation and supplier.
· Acts as main point of contact between the supplier and the organisation.
· Produces and monitors financial reports including entry and maintenance of all actual time and expense against the master plan.
· Day to day management of supplier staff assigned to the project.
· Quality Assures the work of supplier staff assigned to the project.
· Encourages the transfer of product knowledge and skills to the appropriate staff within the organisation.