Job Description

Department Yarn Manufacturing
Job Title Executive Director
Name of Current Job Holder
(Personal Profile Attached)
Dr. Aftabuddin Hossain Chowdhury
Reporting to Chairman, Opex & STG.
No. of Direct Report 10

Scope of Job

To manage the yarn manufacturing operation from fibre to yarn in the most cost effective, quality oriented and disciplined administrative manner.

Tasks and Duties

c Control the operation of the mill to ensure that output and quality targets are achieved on schedule.
c To involve in selecting and procurement of appropriate raw materials and spares.
c To establish and implement the yarn manufacturing plan in order to meet the marketing requirements in timely manner.
c To ensure the yarn supplies of right quality and quantity are delivered to the fabric manufacturing within the available lead time.
c To manage expansion and technology up-gradation plans and create opportunities for improving productivity and profitability of yarn production.
c Prepare and submit factory budgets, regular reports covering production, maintenance and raw materials.
c To plan and implement cost effective spares, accessories and consumables replacement.
c To provide leadership to the quality assurance movement in yarn manufacturing operations.
c To ensure cordial industrial relation while promoting a productive and disciplined work environment.
c To provide custodianship for the company’s assets in yarn manufacturing and ensure their efficient usage and up keep.
c To establish appropriate corrective and preventive maintenance practices and procedures for improving plant availability, functional reliability and useful equipment life.
c To carryout all financial transaction that take place at factory level.
c To ensure that manufacturing and management practices fully comply with the compliance requirement of customers as well as the industrial statutory bodies.

c To keep up to date with the latest developments in the manufacturing technology and management systems and facilitate incorporation of such technologies and systems to the company’s advantage.
c To develop proper sense of responsibility and excellent work-ethics among the subordinate officers and workers, thereby reducing absenteeism and turnover rate.
c To facilitate knowledge and skill development of the subordinates in order to improve their job effectiveness.
c To ensure timely actions of all the administrative including the disciplinary actions and legal matters in relation to the yarn manufacturing operation and obtain support from appropriate department as may be necessary.
c To set measurable performance objectives for the immediate subordinates and appraise them with full participation of the subordinate in the process.

Key Result Areas

c Required productivity with quality.
c Attain target profitability.
c Optimum capacity utilization.
c On time delivery.
c Budgetary control.
c Excellent industrial relations following compliance requirements.
c Subordinate development and system development.

Liaison / Interface with other Jobs / Departments

c Managing Director -OPEX
c Finance - Finance Director – Opex & STG
c Administration – Director (Administration), STG.
c Technical – Director (Technical), STG
c Utility – GM (Utility), STG
c Construction – GM (Construction 1 & 2), STG.
c All unit heads of Opex & STG.
c All concerned Govt. and Non-Govt. Organization.

Key Qualifications

Academic Graduate / Post Graduate in Textile Engineering / Technology.
Professional Experience Minimum 15 years experience in vertically integrated Textile / Yarn manufacturing Industry; Out of which minimum 5 years experience as head of yarn manufacturing industry.