Job Description Form

Job Title : Team Leader
Reports To : Senior Engineer
Job Summary

Under general direction of a Project Manager, Operate installation, maintenance of company projects and programs in the areas of development and may provide technical assistance to lower level technicians

Duties & Responsibilities

1- coordinate installation, maintenance, support, documentation, and testing activities

2- Keep the group on task and on schedule and Assist in work break-down and develop assignments

3- Performs necessary coordination, adjustments to work schedules, leaves and vacations, intervention, and assignments.

4- Supervise technical staff on a day-to-day or project basis, including determining workloads and schedules

5- Handle the maintenance, repairing programs for all equipments in different sites.

6- Perform necessary coordination, adjustments to work schedules, leaves and vacations, intervention, and assignments of the technicians.

7- Keeps records of work performed

8- Observe and report about installations that need repair.

9- Provide technical assistance to lower level technicians facilitate resolution of project problems

10- Other duties as assigned

Relevant Degree

Skills & Knowledge

1- Excellent Knowledge Of Business Technicalities
2- Fair In English

1- Professional Experience: Min 4 years experience

2- Leadership Experience: Appropriate High

3- Intercultural Experience : Not required

4- Project Management Experience: Not Required
Communication Capabilities

1- Communication Skills
2- Excellent attention to details
3- Problem Solving
4- Aptitude to figures
Working Conditions & Environment

Typical field assignments;

High required physical effort and regular outside assignments to the sites.

Equipments / Tools Utilized

Phone, Vehicle

Preferred Gender


Other Special Skills and Abilities Required

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