About me ?
Name Mohammed Magboul Azyabi
Email Azyabi88@hotmail.com
Mobile 0533803680
Address Saudi Arabia – Khamis Mushayet

My potential is to upgrade my self to obtain high performance in my job as a team leader, and to opera the work in a modern way.

AL Faisal High school 1996
Khamis Mushayet, Saudi Arabia

Training Course
1. Humman Resource Management.
2. First Aid.
3. Supporting Employees.
4. Humman Resource forum.
5. Khamis Mushayet college of technology for recruitment.
The skills

Working effectivly with a multitask enviroment.
Well versed with the computer (Excel,Word,Power point,Lotus Note, Outlook and internet).
Ability to graps administration subject with ease.
1-G.N.P. Hospital (Worked on computer as a data entry for the patient).
2-Management and Marketing Company ( Worked on computer as a data entry for the letters).
3-Adel Mohammed EST ( Worked on computer as a data entry for the staff).
4-Panda company (Worked as Human resource Manager for south region).
5-Baeshen Company ( worked as human resource for south region). Working now

Fluent in spoken and written Arabic.
Very Good in spoken and written English.

PERSONAL information
Place and date of Birth : Khamis Mushayet 14 - 19 - 1396 H
Place of Residence : Khamis Mushayet.
Nationality : Saudi
Social status : Married.