Procurement Arena The Piles of Knowledge

In every aspect of business Procurement management can save or waste money and it is the only way that Processes Required to Acquire Goods and Services from outside the Performing Organization

For Simplicity, Goods and Services, Whether One or Many Will Generally Be Referred to As a “Product“

Organizations are increasingly dependent on third parties to provide goods and services which are critical to their performance. This program addresses all the major issues to help your organization ensure that the required goods and services are delivered on time, within budget and to required quality standards.

In this course Procurement Management Is Discussed from the Perspective of the Buyer in the Buyer - Seller Relationship which, Can Exist at Many Levels of work Depending on the Application Area. This course Assumes That the Seller Is External to the Performing Organization.

Upon the completion of this course, candidates will be able to:

* Know the difference between various types of alliances
* Analyzing the best reimbursement Method for your contract
* Selecting a payment method
* Typical procurement policy statement
* Have an over view awareness about the Bidding and contracts Environment
* Acknowledge the pre-proposal Activities
* Know the difference between contract types, consequently be able to select a contract form


An inter-active, five-days course with a strong emphasis on knowledge areas with practical examples on each area of knowledge.

Procurement Management.

* Buyer - Seller Relationship
* The Major Processes:
o Procurement Planning.
o Solicitation Planning.
o Solicitation.
o Source Selection.
o Contract Administration.
o Contract Close- Out.
* Analyzing the best reimbursement Method of your contract
o Pitfalls in a bid pricing Arena
+ Strategies in competitive bidding
+ Classic bidding mistakes
+ Responsible and responsive bids
o Reviewing various reimbursement methods
+ The fixed price contract
+ The cost-plus contract
+ The unit price contract
+ The guaranteed maximum price contract
+ The turnkey contract
+ The time and material (T&M) contract
+ The Labor hour contract
o Checklist for contract options
* Understanding Financial terminology in the contract Arena
* Selecting a Payment Method
* Determining your own total cost reimbursement Strategy
o Risk is the key factor
o Which reimbursement method should I select
* Typical Reimbursement policy statement
* Actual procurement policy
* Contracts Conditions and Documentations
o Article 147, 89 and 646 of Civil Law
o Allocation of risks and how disputes
o What does a contract Consists of
o General conditions
o Specific Conditions
o The contract documents
* Selecting a contract form
o Letter of intent
o A letter contract
o A formal contract
* Know Types of alliances
o Grass Roots
o Joint Venture
o Sourcing
o Financial alliance
o Marketing alliance
o Technology alliance
o Borrow

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