New Marketing Strategies: The Red vs. Blue Ocean & Eagle eye

Companies have long engaged in head-to-head competition in search of sustained, profitable growth. They have fought for competitive advantage, battled over market share, and struggled for differentiation. Yet in today’s overcrowded industries, competing head-on results in nothing but a bloody ‘red ocean’ of rivals fighting over a shrinking profit pool characterized by increasing levels of commoditization. While most companies compete within such ‘red oceans’, is this strategy likely to create profitable growth for the future?

Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) offers you a new perspective on strategy formulation and execution. Immerse yourself in Blue Ocean Strategy concepts, tools and frameworks and learn to create ‘blue oceans’ of uncontested market space to help you make the competition irrelevant.

Blue Ocean Strategy is a way for companies to swim out of the ‘red ocean’ filled with sharks. Blue Ocean Strategy argues that tomorrow’s leading companies will succeed not by battling competitors, but by creating ‘blue oceans’ of uncontested market space ripe for growth.

Blue Ocean Strategy shows you how to discover such strategic moves – termed ‘Value Innovation’ – which can create powerful leaps in value for both the firm and its buyer, rendering rivals obsolete and unleashing new demand

At the end of this course Participants will be able to:

* Gain key insights on how Marketing concepts complement and go beyond traditional approaches to strategy.
* Learning how to apply Blue Ocean Strategy concepts, tools and frameworks to real business situations
* Acquire an in-depth understanding of Blue Ocean Strategy tools and concepts
* Learn how to engage your colleagues in a Blue Ocean Strategy process

Start developing Blue Ocean Strategy for your organization in order to break away from the competition through ‘Value Innovation’, the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost

Market Strategies

* Eagle eye
* Red Ocean Strategy
* Blue Ocean Strategy
* Blue Ocean Vs. Red Ocean Strategy
* Focus On The Big Picture, Not The Numbers
* Four Steps Of Visualizing Strategy
* Reach Beyond Existing Demand
* Three Tiers Of Non-customers
* Get The Strategic Sequence Right
* The Sustainability And Renewal Of Bos
* Company Who Create Un-contest Market

Value Innovation: a leap Into BOS

* Strategic moves
* Sailing into a blue ocean
* A market universe of two oceans
* The expansion of blue oceans
* The importance of creating blue oceans
* Minimizing risk and maximizing opportunity
* Blue-ocean strategy is a dynamic process

Qualities Of Blue Ocean Strategy

1. Focus
2. Divergence
3. Compelling Tagline

The Performance Consequences Of Blue Oceans
Blue Ocean Strategy Tools
Strategy Canvas and Four Action Framework

* Eliminate
* Reduce
* Raise And
* Create

Six Principles of Blue Ocean Strategy:

Path 1: Look across Alternative Industries
Path 2: Look across Strategic Groups within Industries
Path 3: Look across the Chain Of Buyers
Path 4: Look across Complementary Products And Service Offerings
Path 5: Look across Functional Or Emotional Appeal To Buyers
Path 6: Look across Time

Creating Blue Oceans

* Formulating Blue Ocean Strategy
* Executing Blue Ocean Strategy

BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY: Case Study of Automobile industry

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