1. Kapil has received a request to buy Product A, he has been given a high level specification by his business stakeholder, Sachin. Outline the procurement steps Kapil should take to make this purchase from beginning to end.

  1. Upon discussions with Sachin, they have informed Kapil that they would like to use ABC Ltd to buy Product A, how should Kapil respond

  1. Sachin, the stakeholder has agreed to a tender process. Please outline what you need to do to ensure fairness and transparency in a tender process.

  1. As part of the process, Sunil from supplier 123 Ltd contacts Kapil to discuss the terms and conditions attached to the tender. Should Kapil and Sunil have this conversation and if he does what might be some of the likely contract clauses Sunil may wish to discuss.

  1. Following a successful conclusion of the project, what does Kapil need to ensure is done before he can close down the sourcing exercise