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1# program of Oxford University in Materials, Economics and Management - Course outline

The description:

During years 1 and 2 your work is divided between lectures (about ten a week), tutorials (about two a week), and practicals (two or three afternoons a week). Typically the work for each Materials tutorial or class is expected to take six–eight hours, often more for the Economics & Management tutorials. Year 3 starts with a two-week design project, and about eight to ten lectures and two classes/tutorials per week for the first two terms. After your six-month management project in the fourth year you will be attending about ten lectures and one or two tutorials or classes a week.

2# program of Stanford University
The description:
The Business School offers a broad range of courses related to organizational leadership. Courses include topics such as ethics, managing diversity, working with and managing teams, interpersonal dynamics, understanding power and influence, conflict management and negotiation, and organizational behavior


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