KYMON Program In Math's


When the Japanese teacher of math's, NYK KYMON designed a program in math's to give his son the skills to do the four math's operations, he didn’t know that his program would be global and forty – three countries would apply it. He didn't also know that big global companies would support it.

The idea of the programme:

The programme includes hundreds of worksheets which are attractively designed. The task of these worksheets is to find the results of the four maths operations. These worksheets are logical and gradual. They are designed for pupils up to grade five. It even suits students of high schools.

The aims of the programme:

The programme aims at giving pupils the skills to find the results of the four math's operations quickly, skillfully and creatively.

The characteristics of the programe:

1. The pupil practices his role as a skilful observer through doing different tasks.
2. There are various activities in different levels.
3. The proramme encourages self – learning.
4. It aims to achieve speed and mastery in performance and achieve speed and mastery in performance and achievement within a limited time.
5. It aims to achievement within a limited time.
6. It provides great discovery and care of the pupils' abilities.
7. The teacher is a supervisor and observer. He doesn’t need to be a specialist in math's.
8. the worksheets can be a lone in class or at home so that parents can watch his children with the help of the model answers.
9. the proramme encourages positive competition among pupils.

The basics of the programme success:

1. Forming a committee which supervises the programme.
2. Perfect commitment to the procedures according to the vision of the designer of the programme.
3. Preparing two files for each pupil; on for class work and another for homework.
4. The best time to start with the daily activities is seven o'clock in the morning.
5. Providing the necessary financial and spiritual support.
6. Rewarding and taking care of the toppers who master the skills.

The procedures of the programme:

1. Examining the pupils; abilities and choosing the suitable level.
2. Pupils finish the task. If a pupil fails, he works again till he achieves 100% of mastery.
3. The pupil passes through twenty-three levels. Each level includes two hundred work sheets.
4. The worksheets are kept in attractive files.
5. Evaluation must be form a live and summative.
6. Honoring party is held at the end of the programme.

The benefits of the programme:

1. The programme is a new experience for the pupil to be a self – learners and acquire the skills independently.
2. The prorgamme considers the individual differences among pupils.
3. Pupils start to love the subject and enjoy the useful productive work.
4. It gives the creative pupils the chance to pass to creativity and surpass their colleagues.
5. The programme is available for all people; young people and elderly people.
6. It helps patients who suffer from oblivision to recall their memory.

Prepared by Mohammed Khamis El –Sir