The hours spent manually assigning shifts is over! With the latest shift scheduling software the week's shift schedule can be automatically generated based on the employee's preferences. Of course the shift manager can manually make adjustments before the schedule is publicly released.

The latest shift software also have some extra features which your employees will find very useful. For example if they cannot make a certain shift they can offer it to others in their department. If another employee can take on the shift (and their manager agrees) then it can then be transferred.

The main feature that employees like though is that they can login from their computer at home to see when they are working next. They no longer have to phone up their shift manager to find out.

Similarly employees can pick which shifts they would prefer in the next shift schedule. The shift algorithm will then give the shift to the highest ranking employee that requested that shift. The intelligent algorithm also makes sure that minimum and maximum working hour requirements are met.

Additionally most shift scheduling software will send text message reminders to your employees a couple of hours before their shift begins. This has been found to reduce the about of absences greatly - especially if your staff is full of forgetful students!

Finally the software can be used to manage the holidays your employees can take off. Each employee can be allocated a certain number of days off per year. They can then use the system to request days off. Upon approval from the manager the system will not allocate any hours to the employee on that day.