Free Employee Evaluation Forms are easily available on various business websites. They can be downloaded and printed so it is highly convenient to use them. The forms are available in various styles and designs. The forms are available in various styles and designs. Some focus on the mechanical skills, thus should be used for industrial labors, while others focus on other specific skills that they should be used for.

What do they do?

They improve the performance of the employees by making them aware of their strengths and weaknesses.
When the performances of the employees improve, the performance of the company eventually improves too.
They are also used to mention why a promotion or a demotion is taking place.
They are even given out at the time of increase or decrease in the salary.

What do they contain?

These forms include:

The name and position of the employee
The last date of evaluation
The last time there was raise in the salary and how much was it
Other details that may be related to the evaluation

The evaluation form includes various sections such as:

Personal Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Mechanical or Technical Skills
Punctuality and Over all Performance

There can be many types of forms available for the use of evaluating the performance of the employees. The most useful is the one that is a combination of subjective and objective section. The objective section includes the close-end questions while contrary to this is the subjective section that has the open-end questions. Both are helpful in their own ways for both the employees (to understand about their performance) and for the employer to evaluate.