Let's face it, everyone knows it would benefit them to participate and actively support a Health and Wellness Incentive Program in their workplace, but your workforce must be kept engaged and interested or you are likely to lose a good many of your participants.

By keeping a constant link of communication with your participants about the health and wellness topics that interest them and survey them often about how they feel the program is going is a great way to keep their interest level up. If they feel committed to helping themselves, it will automatically generate peer-to-peer encouragement.

Getting people to volunteer as coordinators can be a big help to management while they prepare to initiate a program of this nature. Allowing your staff to have a voice in the mechanics of the program will empower them to consistently seek and contribute information which is good for the spirit of the campaign. Finding a volunteer to produce a monthly E-newsletter on Health and Wellness topics of interest supplied by co-workers is an excellent idea, especially if there are employees who travel away from the office on a regular basis and don't get as much encouragement from their peers as those who see each other every day.

Once the suggested topics have been decided upon to kick off the program, it is also helpful to provide resources and guide posts for further help outside the work setting.
Knowledge of the surrounding community's gyms, YMCA's, parks, etc. with maps and information such as hours of operation and membership fees will be a good motivator for employees to work out after hours or lunch breaks. Often times people will stick to a workout schedule better if they have a "buddy" to come along.

Since we all know how summer vacations and winter holidays can affect our eating and workout schedules, it might be a good idea to consider offering a Health and Wellness Incentive twice a year, perhaps Spring and Fall. The focus could different - for example the Spring could incorporate getting your "Winter Body" back in shape for outdoor activities through stretching & toning, Yoga, etc. and weight conscious suggestions for shedding those pounds that inevitably add on during the holidays. Perhaps a company sponsored Blood Drive would compliment the initiative. A Fall campaign could be designed for more physical outdoor exercise as the temperatures begin to drop. Also getting prepared for the "cold & flu season" and provide information as to where to sign up for flu shots.

By incorporating a Health and [مشاهدة الروابط متاحة فقط لأعضاء المنتدى .. ] based on the needs and interests of your work force and keeping them informed, involved and engaged is good for the life of your program and the lives of your employees!