[LTR] Human capital is the number ONE asset in today's talent-based organizations and people are the primary source of competitive advantage. In the growing global economy, multinational organizations have a prime responsibility to monitor international candidates who have either been educated or previously employed overseas.

For the organizations spread around the world, this proposes that international background checks should soon be equivalent to the rising trend in domestic background checks, which has escalated in the past decade.

Many multinational organizations are searching their prospective employees internationally to fill up domestic spatial vacancies, and others are outsourcing practically to fill up their labor pool by hiring the workers from abroad. International background checks and screening process is critical for multinational companies to ensure safe hiring practices for international employees.

Generally, it's difficult to screen on a vast scale internationally. Channelizing through the different laws and regulations of foreign countries can be intimidating, as the investigation is difficult because of different litigation's in different countries. And the trustworthiness of international records is also even a concern as criminal and educational institutions often found conservative in giving the information.

International Background screening has proven to be a critical resource in aligning companies with the most effective hires as well as maintaining a safe workplace environment. A growing awareness of this has been reflected by industry trends.

In order to tackle complex problem in an up-welling global economy, many recruiters and multinational companies are beginning to grasp the growing importance of hiring background screening companies for their overseas constituents because these screening firms track down all the discrepancies, helping to maintain the security and integrity of the workplace.

Why organizations need to screen:

Employers are responsible for the behavior of their employees and an individual's past predicts their future. Contractual parameters and sometimes the law draw an exception for a detailed background check to condemn falsification, fraud and criminality. It is the best way to discourage applicants that have something to hide. The main idea behind such screening process is to base the decisions on facts instead of "gut feel."

Top 3 Negative Impacts of the "Wrong international Hire":

1. Increased Turnover
2. Chances of Occupational and criminal fraud
3. Catastrophic Events

International background screening of a prospective employee leads to:

A more qualified workforce, reduced turnover, increased workforce productivity, enhanced workplace safety, decreased employer liability, reduced absenteeism, competitiveness, increased brand value, risk redemption and off course profit boost.

Drawn Conclusion

Background Check is actually, the first line of security. Animals do not commit crimes; and criminals are not from outer space. It is very important you don't take people at face value. Let us start getting that security-consciousness by knowing true background of the people around us. It is the process of background check that can unravel past behavior of a prospective employee. Such information would then be useful as a guide to your future interaction with them. We need to move from the point of naivety to a state of being informed. Possession of information gives you power.