[LTR] In any organization, utmost importance is given to human resource management. Handling or manipulating other resources like physical, financial or production is at your discretion. When it comes to managing your employees, there you go! You start feeling the pinch. Man is like a "live wire"and if you don't possess the mastery to understand and utilise the power behind his psyche, then you are at a loss and you are not capable of what is called "the wizard touch".

The main problem with your subordinates or even with yourself might be boosting up of morale. Always keeping yourself in a cheerful proposition will make you go greater heights, as it helps you to achieve your goals faster. Human strength lies in self belief which is his reserved store of strength, the one which he never utilizes or not allowed to utilize to the fullest extent possible. A bureaucratic or autocratic manager should understand the fact that when human mind is given a chance to explore with full freedom, instead of following orders it comes out with the greatest ideas. Which may prove fruitful to your organisation in a big way.

If a person wants to become successful in a business venture, he should possess the fire of unfailing enthusiasm and the nerve to face the adversities that come on his way. Life is a game and so is business. You can play the game fearlessly when you are backed up by like minded individuals who will carry on your fire to the next level. So iis important on your part to prepare your subordinates to adapt to the different dimensions of the business atmosphere and make them more dynamic.

Human mind has the power to grasp things manifold than what we assume it to be. Even average performers can be transformed into star performers when,

  • The work itself is appealing as interesting, yielding and useful
  • The work has scope for independent activities
  • The Work defines goals or targets
  • The social atmosphere created by the manager is warm
  • Innovative ideas are welcome
  • Empathy on part of the manager
  • Workers subjected to brain warming sessions(by outside experts)

Another important aspect for the betterment of human psyche is relaxation. A relaxed mind can achieve things hundred times better than a mind going at a pace to kill. People who are always on the run have the feeling that they have not accomplished much. See, the equation is this, out of the 24 hours per day, 8 hours you sleep, 3 hours in the morning is the preparation time, 3 hours in the evening is social time either you spend it for your family or friends, only 8 hours of productive work is done every day. In order to accomplish whatever you have in your agenda, you definitely need to relax and plan. The art of resting the mind and the power to dismiss all worries and exhaustion is probably the winning formula.

The employer who secures the goodwill of his employees can accomplish more with less effort and exhaustion. Try to bring out the creativity of your subordinates to make the climate of your firm cordial and the attitude positive.