[LTR] Ever wondered what the differences are between a human resources job in a domestic company compared with being hr manager in a multi-national company? Somebody working in international HR, for a company with branches or departments overseas has all the same responsibilities as somebody working in an hr job in London alone, but on top of that they have additional tasks that are more particular to their specific offshore outfit.

International human resources roles cover all kinds of activities that are connected to an organisation's employees and contractors, which is at first sight no different from domestic HR. First and foremost come the staffing needs of the company. Recruiting, training, setting performance expectations, handling personnel issues and ensuring that the company's policies conform to the applicable rules and regulations are the main tasks at hand.

The added layer of complexity for this on an international scale is the management of employee compensation and benefits across different languages, currencies and legal systems. Herein lays the chief difference between domestic human resource management and international human resource management. That is, the extra knowledge and responsibilities necessary for foreign ventures, and an understanding of the principles and protocol of operating across cultures. Successful international human resources professionals must understand the intricate nuances of different customs, operating to prevent the occurrence of awkward or embarrassing inadvertent 'slights'.

For this reason training courses specifically around international human resources have gained traction as people working in these hr jobs require a good understanding of the psychology, culture and customs of organisations based all over the world. It is not hard to believe that currently international human resource jobs are the fastest-growing division of HR as the trend towards global business operations increases. If you are interested in finding an international hr job the looking into these courses is definitely a wise move as it will really show that you have what it takes to succeed in an international setting.