[LTR] Resume sourcing and rating, training and social networking are the recruiting tools that can have the biggest impact on your business success, apart from your recruiting software. Here is our take on the ones we often see in use. Warning! The industry is loaded with viruses so researching for these tools may be hazardous to your PC. The ones we list here are virus safe. Second warning! Many recruiting software vendors own or are connected to 3rd party recruiting firms!

Third warning! This article is all about resume sourcing and tools related to resumes, however I must add a qualification I learned many years ago as a recruiter. A person and their resume can become stale to potential employers if they appear on too many resume sources like job boards, broadcasts and job banks. Recruiters should always caution a candidate about blasting their resume out to many portals because they just become yesterday's news. A candidate's quality perception drops a tad each time a hiring source sees the same person on yet another job board. In the beginning of this month some SEO news leaked out that Google made a counter offer of three million dollars to an employee to stay and not join Facebook. Do you think that resume was on Monster, Dice or CareerBuilder? I doubt it! Another issue with an over saturated resume is the problems it gives to recruiters regarding 'legal representation to the potential employer'. If the employer sees multiple introductions he/she may just drop any interest in the candidate because of the legal issues. Is this a contradiction to this article on resume sourcing? Yes, I consider it the dark side of resume sourcing but it is the current state of recruiting. The paragraphs that follow provide a condensed listing of recruiting sourcing tools as the only games in town if you're a recruiter.

Resume Sourcing Tools - Resume sourcing tools comprise three critical components. The number of job boards accessed, the sophistication of searching techniques and the integration with the social networks. Most are SAAS products (Software as a Service), e.g. you have a monthly subscription charge and must log in to a website to use them. Some are desktop based and will run on your PC. Some have ATS integration features to popular ATS software like BlackDog. Be careful of long-term commitments and high monthly fees. This list here is in alphabetic order with no ranking attempted: AutoSearch, Broadlook, DataFrenzy, eGrabber, infoGIST, CandidatesDirect, Isys Search Software, TalentDrive, TalentHook, TalentSpring.

Resume Rating Tools - Some of the above mentioned tools do attempt to rank resumes but the ones below specialize a bit more in ranking. Resume ranking via SAAS or resume uploads can jeopardize the confidentiality of the candidate and attract unwanted exposure. Also many are designed to attract job seekers as customers for resume writing services: Perfect10, Talent Acquisition Services, Simple form, Creative IT Resources.

Recruiter Training - It is difficult to train bad recruiters into good recruiters, but you can train good recruiters to be better recruiters. Good trainers in recruiting must have a recruiting background. Two of the ones we consider to be the best: Bill Radin, Gary Stauble.

Social Networking - This article is a demonstration in the use of the most popular social networking tools for recruiters and everyone else in the Universe. The everyone else is your danger zone. Social networks are rapidly evolving and recruiters must keep up with and be knowledgeable about their use. Liking this article and sharing it is a major step in the right direction to see how social networking works as a tool for recruiters. The big three in social networking are obvious to anyone who has ever turned on a computer: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. How to use them to your advantage as a recruiter is a different story but the links below might get you started on the right road.