[LTR] More and more, savvy businesses are recognizing the value of on-site massage for elevating their employees well-being, and they're seeing the initiatives translate into tangible benefits for the organization.* Some of these practical benefits include increased productivity, elevated morale, and even heightened market competitiveness.* At the end of the day, it adds up to increased profitability for the business.

Over the past decade, chair massage has grown as a wellness benefit that companies can offer their employees that is safe, cost-effective, convenient and has positive effects not just on the employees health, but also on general morale.

How many other personnel-related initiatives can make employees feel better at work immediately, are available to all employees in almost all work environments, and has zero startup or equipment costs?

A well-conducted,*professional corporate massage onsite program requires only room for the specially designed portable massage chair we provide.* It can be a cubicle or a workstation, or a conference room.* The massage session is timed to correspond to the length of a normal work break.* Oils or lotions aren't used, and the recipient remains fully clothed, so there's no requirement for changing clothes.

Some of the advantages and benefit of a corporate chair massage include increased productivity and employee performance, a reduction in potential effects associated with repetitive tasks and staying in sitting-at-workstation mode for too long, and an overall improvement in employees feelings about the company and the workplace.* It is also* the kind of treatment that tells people the employer cares about them and their overall well-being.* Taken together, it can all add up to increased loyalty, as well.* And the benefits extend across the breadth of the employee population.

Of course, it's widely accepted that massage helps boost the body's immune system in addition to providing relief for muscular tension and discomfort.* At the end of the session the employees are relaxed, their energy level is raised and they're ready to return to their workday tasks.

Look for a professional, licensed massage therapist (LMT) who can provide a flexible framework for integrating a corporate chair massage program into your company's environment and wellness programs.*

An ongoing program will likely yield sustainable benefits. But consider, also, those "all out sprint to the finish" projects, where a series of scheduled 10 to fifteen minute session windows in a regular time-of-day framework can help stressed team members stay as relaxed and focused as possible in an intense, pressure-packed project environment.

Chair massage is becoming increasingly common in the workplace environment and is used by many companies large and small with very positive results. It's smart, it's easy, and it makes sense.