This article to give you a brief about how you can create a business value through your HR system
Your system should have the capability to
1- Integrate HR Activities.
2- Forces the use of 'Best Practices'
your system should brings with it time-tested and successful HR practices that will help your organization to become more competitive.
3- Facilitate the Information flow
your system should facilitate the flow of information between all business Features inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders.
4- Enable organizational standardization
your system should allow organizational standardization across different branches, departments, units and even workgroup. As a result your organization can show a single image to the outside world. Rather than receiving different documents when dealing with different entities on it.
5- Business Alignment
the organization is at its most effective when its main component (People, Process, Structure, Reward and Strategy) are in alignment .your system should make it done by allowing you to configure these five main components to create an effective organization capable of achieving the business strategy. Also allowing you to combine and recombine skills, competencies and resources across the organization to respond to changes in the external environment so your organization will be dynamic like its business.
6- Provides On-Line and Real-Time Information
Once the process is completed the information placed directly into the database so all information is available on-line to others and in real-time.
7- Cover a wide range of HR information
your system should cover a wide range of information related to all HR processes and this can support Management decisions to be more effective.

8- Availability
Unlimited number of HR employees and non HR employees can access your system within Permission architecture. As a result People zone will help you to save your time and take decisions in a better way by allowing HR decisions to be made by those closest to the issues.

9- Decision Support
your system should support different levels of decision making. It should Support decisions of CEO, directors & managers, supervisors & team leaders as well as employees. People Zone also supports decision from strategic HR decisions to routine HR decisions.
10- Engineering
Your system should be a modular System.

Implementing HR software is not an easy task; you should plan for everything before choosing the right software

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