Dear All,

Because we are all customers and we look for best service, and because some of us run businesses and they need to serve better the customers, therefore you will find below a subject about how you take care of your customer

There is no doubt that every business relies on customers, and that the existence of any business is because of the customers. If customers don’t exist, demands and needs will not exist, so there is no need for the business.
Whatever was the activity of the business or the company services or demands, the aim is to serve or to sell customers.
Being said so, it means that customers are the core and the reason of any business, and any business owner should take customer satisfaction and service in really serious situation.
Trying to satisfy customers or customer satisfaction has become an independent study, and separate department in companies dealing with customers’ needs and satisfactions.
And all of us are customers a certain time and certain situation, even we have businesses. A manager or CEO in a company, he/she is the boss in the company and he/she deals with the company customers, and when he/she is out of the company (or the business), might go to buy a service or product from a different company, though they become customers.
So think about it, if you run a business that you should treat your customers the same way you like to be treated when you are a customer.
What do our customers want? Imagine that you are the customer. When you have questions or concerns, what do you look for from the person trying to help you? Think about it in terms of C.A.R.E.

1. Concerned

First of all, it's nice to think that the person helping you is really concerned. We all want to feel that our needs are important. Things that show you're concerned include:
  • Being interested in helping
  • Giving accurate information
  • Listening carefully
  • Answering questions truthfully
2. Accommodating

When we're having problems with a product or service, we want someone to do whatever it takes to get it fixed. We don't want to hear excuses.
  • Take ownership.
  • Respond to business and human needs.
  • Do what it takes.
3. Recovering

Turning a bad situation into a positive experience is a very good way to build strong customer relationships. When you recover, you may find that your customer is even more loyal than before.

4. Excelling

The best way to please a customer is to go beyond what is needed, to exceed their expectations. When you are able to solve a customer's problem and make them feel great about it, you are providing excellent customer service.