For many Westerners, something about China is so intense and exciting that it’s a social glue among those who’ve spent some time there. We met through a mutual acquaintance who knew we had backgrounds in China. Over lunch, we swapped stories (and laughs) about living and doing business in China — how challenging the market is, how strong a role government plays in business there, how overwhelming the country can feel, and how everything seems to take so much longer to get done. We both admitted that a solid howto guide could’ve saved us a good deal of time hard spent climbing the learning curve. And so Doing Business in China For Dummies was born. We think (and hope) that you can find this book useful as a starting point and reference in your China business adventure. As you find out when reading the book, little about doing business there is easy. Your company needs to figure out how the Chinese business system works and how to develop and manage Chinese relationships — and your company needs to be willing
to make a commitment to the market for the long haul. You need a lot of patience along the way, too. But with this book as your guide, your company (and you personally) can benefit from the opportunities that China offers.

About This Book
Doing Business in China For Dummies tells you what you need to know to succeed in China. How does business really work there? How do you get started? What do you need to do to get your business up and running properly? You decide where to start and what to read. This book is a reference tool for you and your business when and where you need it. It’s designed so you can read and understand chapters of interest without having to read the rest of the book. (Of course, you’ll be better prepared if you do read the whole thing, even if you don’t do so in order.) Just use the table of contents or index to find the topics you want.

Doing Business in China For Dummies
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