Until recently, almost all writings on motivation were designed to give the manager techniques to motivate his or her staff. It was assumed that motivation was a one-way street that runs from top to bottom. The same thing used to be thought of communication, until someone discovered that it was a two-way street. The new thinking says that employees should be concerned about motivating their bosses, and should not take a passive role toward this issue. But how do you motivate your boss? Here are some of the most effective ways: 1- TAKE THE INITIATIVE: Don`t wait for your boss to “give” you work. Find out what needs to be done and suggest to your boss that you do it. 2- GENERATE NEW IDEAS: Think of better ways to do the work in your area and outside of your area too, and tell your boss about it. 3- OFFER YOUR HELP: Your boss needs your support and help. Show her that you`re there to provide full support. 4- ASK YOUR BOSS TO DELEGATE: Your boss might not be aware that you are ready to assume more responsibilities and take on new challenges. Ask the boss to delegate responsibilities you think you can take on. 5- OFFER SOLUTIONS: Don`t limit your contacts with the boss to the times you bring up a problem or a request for help. Bosses need to hear solutions, not just problems. 6- OFFER COMPLIMENTS: The boss is human. She needs to receive compliments when she does something truly outstanding, or when she helps you in a positive way. Don`t worry that it might sound insincere. Compliments, done in good taste and for a good reason, are always appreciated as long as you don`t over do it. 7- SHOW COMMITMENT: It`s important for the boss to know that you care about your work, about the organization, and about the boss. Show that you care, in words and in action. Go out of your way to provide good service and promote the company, and the department`s name. 8- STAY POSITIVE: Employees who talk and act in a negative way can depress people around them, including the boss. It`s important for your own mental health and for that of others that you stay positive and enthusiastic. Try saying “Thank God It`s Monday” instead of the usual “Friday” reference. But it`s a matter of your general attitude, not just what you say. If you want a positive relationship with your boss, be positive yourself. BUT MOST OF ALL…ITS DEPEND ON YOUR BOSS.. AS LONG AS HE IS A REAL BOSS NOT A JERK ONE..YOU CAN TRY THOSE STEPS…!! CAUSE IF HE’S A JERK ONE, YOU BETTER PACK YOUR THINGS AND FIND ANOTHER JOB