Human Resource Planning is a process to determine future staffing needs by analyzing organization future business plan and in consideration employee turnover within the organization. Through planning process, a management strives to have right number of workforce and the right kinds of people at the right locations, at right time in order to fulfill the obligations for the benefit of organization as well as individual.

Following are other potential benefits of HRP:
  1. Upper management has a better view of the HR dimensions of business decision.
  2. Personnel costs may be less because the management can anticipates imbalances before they become unmanageable and expensive.
  3. More time is provided to locate talent
  4. Better opportunities exist to include women and minority groups in future growth plans.
  5. Better planning of assignments to develop managers can be done.
  6. Major and successful demands on local Labour markets can be made.
  7. surplus or deficiency of employees strength is due to absence of planning.