Skills of planning, organization and development of working methods
Morocco - Casablanca 29 April – 3 May 2012

Target group[LTR]:
• managers and department heads of different departments.
• Employees in these departments and sections
• Administrators who include their functions of planning, monitoring and evaluation.
• All staff in the development of administrative work.

Specific objectives:
• Understand the administrative process and the main functions and link them
• the formulation of business plans for the implementation of daily and weekly, monthly and yearly.
• efficient use of monitoring and evaluation models.
• employ the results of monitoring and evaluation to improve the work on an ongoing basis.
• the application of effective planning methods in practice and how continuous monitoring from a distance.
• creativity in planning and follow-up work.

Ø new vision for the goals of administrative development
Ø creative thinking as the leading features of administrative development
Ø rehabilitation plans and Leadership Development
Ø preparation of vision and strategies of the organization
preparation of employment restructuring
- development
Ø of human resources management system
- Re-engineering
Ø processes
- creativity and
Ø innovation in solving problems
- development and simplify
Ø procedures
- measure and improve
Ø productivity
Ø e-organizations
issues and
Ø problems of management development
Ø site and the importance of planning in modern management.
Ø the importance of data and information in the various administrative processes.
Ø steps and procedures for planning, according to the latest styles.
Ø concept of follow-up and the latest styles in it.
Ø kinds of follow-up: exception, the results, the invisible.
basic skills to follow-up
Ø process.
methods and
Ø models of evaluation of the work.
Ø employment follow-up reports in the process of assessment.
Ø an outcome of the continuous improvement planning, monitoring and evaluation.
- case studies,
Ø exercises .Fees :-[/2400us dollar without hotels an tickets

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